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Freedom of Information

The Freedom of Information Act makes provision for the disclosure of information which is held by public authorities and those who provide services to public authorities.

The Act is not intended to allow people to gain access to personal, private or sensitive information about others such as information held in health records. However, this does not mean that information requested under the FOI cannot be released just because it has personal information in it – this could be the names of staff, chief executives etc. whose names would be in the public domain already.

Further information available to you under the Freedom of Information Act is available in the waiting room.

The Access to Health Records Act

The AHR is an Act which establishes a statutory right of access to health records by individuals. The Data Protection Act repealed the parts of the AHR which related to living patients’ records. Only the parts of the AHR that relate to deceased patients’ records are current. Certain individuals have a right to health records of the deceased under the AHR.

Information Governance

The lead person for Information Governance within the practice is the Practice Manager.

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