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Friends and Family Reviews and Feedback

JUNE – 2022

01/06/2022 All OKas far as I?m concerned
01/06/2022 Prompt careful and efficient service
06/06/2022 Everyone was very helpful and I?m so grateful.
06/06/2022 Experience was A1 and nurse (Josie) who carried out blood test was very friendly and proficient.
06/06/2022 There is no need to lmprove your treatment as it  is more than satisfactory
07/06/2022 Can’t think of anything else that could be done. Whole experience was simple and straightforward.
08/06/2022 I would change nothing the service you all provide is excellent
08/06/2022 Nothing to improve on
10/06/2022 No need to improve very happy thanks
10/06/2022 Who are you?
13/06/2022 Would prefer old system for appointments. Very happy with treatment you receive
14/06/2022 Nothing everything is very good
14/06/2022 Really everything went 100%Could not ask for better
15/06/2022 None it was good
17/06/2022 No, ran smoothly and very  informative and  helpful
17/06/2022 Nope it was very good and a great nurse with a big friendly smile!
22/06/2022 Under the circumstances still going on, think they are coping well.
23/06/2022 very satisfied with nurses both Josie & Denise always very pleasant

MAY – 2022

03/05/2022 Nothing at all.
05/05/2022 No change needed
10/05/2022 I was very happy with the kindness, gentleness I had today with the sister that dealt with my stitches in my knee.
12/05/2022 Appointment went very well. So no improvement needed
13/05/2022 Face to face talk when results are in.
13/05/2022 Please Make sure the sign in machine is working because that would help patients and the staff
13/05/2022 Nothing to improve, everyone is very helpful


16/05/2022 Nothing to change excellent service
17/05/2022 Nothing.  I just had to wait past my appointment time, but I guess that’s bound to happen at times.
19/05/2022 Later appointments for blood tests so carer doesn?t have to take time off work.
24/05/2022 Just never 100% sure where to sit
25/05/2022 My experience today was very good, the staff were polite, helpful, and friendly you couldn’t ask for more from the staff you don’t need to change anything at all at this surgery. thanks
26/05/2022 Nothing to change, always helpful nurse, Denise, and very lovely lady on reception
26/05/2022 Everything was very good. It always is
26/05/2022 Less waiting times
30/05/2022 Actually, nothing!

Josie and the Receptionist – my apologies for not recalling her name – were excellent and friendly; the procedure was done very efficiently and considerately, and everything was excellent, as usual.  Thank you

30/05/2022 You could think about updating BP machine & capture readings electronically
31/05/2022 Fast, friendly and super sufficient. Lovely staff.



APRIL – 2022




Really friendly staff, wouldn’t change anything




Trying to keep to the appointment time, but i know this is very difficult.
I’m sorry that I took up more time than I should have today


I wouldn’t change anything the nurses have been spectacular especially jess.




Please ask receptionist to look at patient when speaking to them as not all disabilities are visible, I have a hearing problem and if someone looks down while they are speaking to me I have difficulty in deciphering what info they are giving me.




Change nothing as the help and friendly staff were excellent.




I certainly don’t have a problem with the overall experience, and I am very satisfied with the attention from the doctor and nurse I saw.




I am happy with all the treatment I get from, receptionists, nurses and all the doctors so I don’t think I would change anything




I haven’t got a good reason to change anything. I understand the difficulties doctors have at this time with Covid very definitely with us still. I have always been looked after really well. Doctors, nurses and reception staff are first class. Thanks.




I would not change a thing the appointment and service were excellent. The nurse was efficient, friendly, extremely helpful and explained everything clearly.




The surgery is excellent and could not suggest anything. Very friendly reception staff, nurses and doctors. I feel very fortunate to have such a brilliant practice. I really appreciate the hard work that you all have to do to give such a service.




Less time on recorded messages before speaking to someone.




I can’t think of anything, we are new to your practice & are very happy with the service we have received.




Nothing regarding the appointment itself apart from the waiting time before there was availability for it. However I understand how stretched the service is?




Had blood test. Josie as always was on time & I had my blood test done quickly & efficiently. Thank you for an excellent visit.




2 visits this week GP and blood test. Both excellent, on time and both clinicians with good people skills, reception helpful and pleasant




No change needed




My care has been very good. I have no negative feedback




Just slightly more privacy at the reception area so general public would not be able to overhear personal conversations.



MARCH – 2022




Todays treatment was excellent. Thanks for enquiring.




I saw Kirsty and she was so kind, gentle and patient.




I think of any other way the service could be improved




Tea and biscuits would be nice! No, everything was nice and friendly




Nothing, it was on time and very friendly staff




Nothing at all excellent nurse xx




Nothing I was pleased your care




Nothing, the nurse was lovely and carried out my smear test very gently




Had Josie for blood test. She’s Always happy, cheerful and polite.




Excellent as usual




It was good, no need to change anything.




Nurse was very friendly and efficient. Appointment was on time and very quick and easy.




Everything was OK l was seen on time, nurse was very nice so no complaints. Thank you




I was very happy with my treatment and appointment with Tracey, Practise Nurse




Everything was so good
I was treated with respect and care
From Dr Grana nurses & reception Also happy retirement to Dr Davenport
Thank you all


Brilliant, just the que at reception when people don’t have an appointment




Kirsty asked how my general health was very pleasant and wished me a happy birthday for Friday.




The care I received was excellent, the nursing staff are doing a Wonderful job.
It would be more beneficial and efficient to have computerised requests and itemisation rather than have to rely on the nurses to interpret doctors handwriting.


FEBUARY – 2022




Satisfactory so don’t change anything




To make sure that my prescription for methertraxate is issued when I put my repeat prescription in as countless times over the years I have had to chase it up.




Not sure it could have been improved.




All excellent




Nothing, I cannot fault anyone at the practice. Very grateful its are Dr’s.




The nurse was very helpful when my pushchair wouldn’t fit through the door. She was also very friendly while taking my blood.




Nothing, very supportive and professional.




Not been with this surgery for long but my experience so far has been very good.  No complaints.




You already improved




The nurse tried 3 timed to find my cervix and it was painful.




The surgery is excellent and all is well.




Fine as it was




Quick efficient and very friendly




Nothing ..all very professional friendly service




Nothing it was excellent as usual




I wouldn’t change anything




No improvement needed ??




No change Really pleased with the treatment room staff.




Quick response to blood results




All good.  Much improved customer service !!!



JANUARY – 2022


07/01/2022 Extremely likely Never had any problems, happy with everything
10/01/2022 Extremely likely More info about why I have to have a bloodtest would be nice…
10/01/2022 Extremely likely I?m happy with all the care and treatment I receive. This care be with the receptionist, the treatment with the nurses and with the doctors. Thank you all so much
10/01/2022 Extremely likely The only thing would be more feedback of results – not just ?no news is good news?
But don?t want to fault find in these difficult times.
10/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing. Excellent as always.
10/01/2022 Extremely likely Josie took bloods . . she?s always very friendly and I was seen on time, thank you!
10/01/2022 Extremely likely The situation now makes it impossible to to be on time with appointments. Otherwise excellent! Thank you!
11/01/2022 Extremely likely Staff lovely – made me feel very comfortable – first appointment.
10/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing it was great
13/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing needs to change
13/01/2022 Extremely likely It was all very good
13/01/2022 Extremely likely I can?t think of anything!
13/01/2022 Likely Nothing
13/01/2022 Extremely likely N/a
13/01/2022 Extremely likely I would not change anything, service is perfect as it is.
13/01/2022 Extremely likely I wouldn’t change anything.
13/01/2022 Extremely likely Not having to wait as long for an appointment, having said that, assuming my  need was not urgent, then a 7 day wait was OK.
14/01/2022 Extremely likely The Pandemic  has caused a lot of problems, but I know my surgery and staff are very helpful, so I am more than satisfied.
14/01/2022 Extremely likely All good thank you
14/01/2022 Extremely likely Make non attendees pay a fine so that others who appreciate the service you offer have more slots available
18/01/2022 Extremely likely No real complaints at all very happy.
20/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing to suggest
20/01/2022 Extremely likely The treatment was excellent
20/01/2022 Extremely likely Today was fine. Appointment ahead of schedule
20/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing to change.
20/01/2022 Extremely likely I wouldn’t change anything. The current set up seems to work very well
21/01/2022 Extremely likely Happy the way it is
21/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing
21/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing to change. Blood test done by Josie. On time as always & efficiently done as always.
14/01/2022 Extremely likely I have always found the care given to me has been very good.
26/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing, it was perfect
27/01/2022 Extremely likely No improvement necessary
27/01/2022 Likely Disappointed that info given to reception on Monday had not been passed to the administering nurse who nevertheless less sought info from internet and dealt with the matter most efficiently
27/01/2022 Extremely likely No change necessary.
31/01/2022 Extremely likely Everything  was good  thanks
31/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing much. Less of the message when you phone but everything was as it should be

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