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Friends and Family Reviews and Feedback

OCTOBER – 2023


02/10/2023 I can?t think of anything that could be changed.
The care and treatment I received was excellent.
02/10/2023 Nothing
02/10/2023 Check in not working on arrival
02/10/2023 Not having to listen to staff chatting behind a closed door while I was waiting. My appointment was delayed and I saw no one go in or come before me.
03/10/2023 As it worked perfectly there is nothing to change.
03/10/2023 More Doctors
03/10/2023 Nothing … very professional and friendly staff, as always.
03/10/2023 Make it easier to get information about your conditions when needed and see a doctor more quickly
04/10/2023 N/A – it was a perfect experience
04/10/2023 This message was sent, the phone consultation was managed by staff at Fairlawn Care home, my father is 98 virtually deaf and blind, so I think a phone  consultation was inappropriate.
04/10/2023 All good thank you
04/10/2023 Impossible to better
04/10/2023 Very happy with the service all staff very helpfull thankyou.
05/10/2023 Nothing
05/10/2023 In my opinion there is nothing I would change. The staff are very professional and very friendly thank you very much.
06/10/2023 Nothing
06/10/2023 None
06/10/2023 Nothing, I went to see the nurse on time and she was helpful and efficient.
06/10/2023 Everything was good. No improvement necessary. Thank you
06/10/2023 Nothing
06/10/2023 Go back to face to face as first app
09/10/2023 Everything was fine
09/10/2023 The Nurse I saw was very pleasant and offered me a flu jab along with taking my blood pressure, however Orchid House I thought is a very sad surgery so tired looking without any atmosphere at all, luckily I wasn?t in the surgery for too long.
09/10/2023 Nothing comes to mind
10/10/2023 Nothing
10/10/2023 Nothing
10/10/2023 Nothing comes to mind
10/10/2023 Nothing.
11/10/2023 Not having to discuss sensitive conditions with non medical staff.
11/10/2023 The only glitch I had was they couldn’t get my blood so went back the next morning and all went well. I was so well looked after and everyone was lovely.
11/10/2023 All good
11/10/2023 Nothing !
12/10/2023 First class treatment so nothing to change.
12/10/2023 Couldn?t fault service this morning
12/10/2023 Nothing
12/10/2023 Nothing
12/10/2023 Our visit and treatment was ,as always , excellent.  My husband. has dementia and is always treated with respect and amazing care (humour too)  Thank you so much ?
12/10/2023 All perfect.
13/10/2023 I don’t wait long for my prescriptions
13/10/2023 All good thanks
13/10/2023 I would not change anything.
The Nurse I saw was more than helpful.
Thank you
13/10/2023 Nothing. The lady who took my blood test was really kind especially when I let her know I was anxious.
13/10/2023 Nothing to change
13/10/2023 The treatment was excellent. The nurse was so caring. I felt dizzy after the blood test and she took care of me so well. I am sincerely thankful
13/10/2023 None
13/10/2023 No changes necessary, perfect Doctors Surgery.
13/10/2023 Completely satisfied with experience
13/10/2023 Nothing to change. Sandy was very helpful, friendly and efficient. Every thing was explained excellently.
13/10/2023 Nothing
13/10/2023 An earlier appointment.
13/10/2023 Nothing
13/10/2023 Very slick
13/10/2023 Water available
16/10/2023 Add a cup of coffee !
16/10/2023 Can?t think of anything
16/10/2023 No improvement necessary
16/10/2023 The area where I had bloods taken smells really bad for some reason. It was very off putting.
16/10/2023 Tell me what the reason for the blood test
16/10/2023 Bring the blood pressure machine back into patience use, if possible?
16/10/2023 No change.
16/10/2023 Nothing
16/10/2023 Kt could be no better, i am veryplessed with all you do
17/10/2023 Give advice on how to ensure that blood can be taken more easily.
17/10/2023  No change
17/10/2023 Nothing to change
17/10/2023 My experience matched my needs for today.
18/10/2023 Nothing, it was handled very well.
18/10/2023 Nothing
18/10/2023 I am very happy as it is thank you
18/10/2023 Nothing the appointment was on time and the nurse was vert proficient in her taking of my blood
18/10/2023 At present, no need to make improvements
18/10/2023 Na
18/10/2023 To be on time, but the nurse did apologize straight away, which I did appreciate.
18/10/2023 None
18/10/2023 Longer appointment
18/10/2023 Get a face to face within 2 weeks. And NOT to have 4 weeks for a blood test asked for by the hospital
19/10/2023 N/A
19/10/2023 no need to change
19/10/2023 V minor but maybe reviewing signage would help, to make it clear that if seeing nurse for blood tests etc you need to wait in the ?treatment room? area.
19/10/2023 I am very happy with the entire support I receive from Orchid House
20/10/2023 Contacted me very quickly after ringing for advice
20/10/2023 All very good and on time
20/10/2023 Nothing!
It was efficient
A pleasant experience
20/10/2023 Nothing
20/10/2023 Shorter waiting time for appointment
20/10/2023 Nothing to change, the phlebotomist was very efficient and extremely pleasant
23/10/2023 I had a diabetic review today but it was totally different from other reviews. I just had a blood test and a urinalysis sample. Usually I have blood pressure weight, hight and feet test. I am not sure if this is right.
23/10/2023 Nothing
23/10/2023 All as expected if not better
23/10/2023 Very happy with service
23/10/2023 Everything was perfect
23/10/2023 Nothing everything was very good, staff were very nice
23/10/2023 As the previous patient left and it was another 20 mins at least after my appointment time before I was seen with no one else waiting, it was not good. Also the nurse said I have to book 3 weeks before but you can’t.
24/10/2023 Nothing
24/10/2023 No comments. Appointment was on time
24/10/2023 None
24/10/2023 Maybe a quicker face to face app. Had to wait 2 weeks
24/10/2023 N/A
24/10/2023 I am always extremely happy with the care that I receive from James Abel – Diabetic Nurse Specialist. I could not praise him higher for constantly doing a fantastic job & helping me.
24/10/2023 Nothing, as always good care and support given
24/10/2023 Try to streamline the process of getting an x-ray as the doctor requested it and for some reason it was cancelled. If you went back to the original procedure by instructing the x-ray department the system would be improved. Call me for more  info.
24/10/2023 Excellent service -continues to get better every year
I have been fortunate enough to be there for 23 years
25/10/2023 All very good
25/10/2023 Maybe a few more questions
26/10/2023 Very good
26/10/2023 Get an appointment to have my stitches out next Monday
26/10/2023 I attended today to have a blood test and return a urine sample. I had no idea what I was doing and had not put a time on my sample, why not do a you tube video and send the link  when giving a sample.
26/10/2023 No change, you are all providing a great service.
26/10/2023 Nothing
26/10/2023 Nothing
26/10/2023 Maybe magazines.
27/10/2023 To be able to book an appointment over the telephone and not to be told to ring back the next day. This should not still be happening the changes through Direct Enhanced Service. The management of booking appointments needs to be addressedv
27/10/2023 Nothing
27/10/2023 None needed, seen on time with friendly nurse.
27/10/2023 None
27/10/2023 Turn down the heating in the hallway
Just a little warm
30/10/2023 Nothing more
30/10/2023 Nothing needs to be done.
30/10/2023 All fine.
30/10/2023 All ok
31/10/2023 Change nothing just keep on being there for us being understanding and friendly ??
31/10/2023 Great experience staff very chatty and made me feel very relaxed
31/10/2023 Nothing
31/10/2023 Nothing to change, my appointment was on time and it was only for a blood test! Thank you
31/10/2023 No improvement needed excellent.
31/10/2023 Everything OK
31/10/2023 I did go through a period of treatment which was not effective but following a change , due to the original person leaving, all treatments have been very successful





01/09/2023 Nothing. The nurse was lovely and friendly and efficient.
01/09/2023 None
01/09/2023 No suggestion
01/09/2023 Nothing all went extremely well.
01/09/2023 Nothing   delighted with the care and efficiency of all staff within the practice.
01/09/2023 Easier to see a GP.
01/09/2023 Totally satisfied with my appointment seen on time and excellent understanding of my problem
01/09/2023 It was good to see a doctor and the nurse was very helpful. I hope more doctors appointments will be available in the near future
04/09/2023 Nothing.
04/09/2023 Nothing.
04/09/2023 Unable to make further appointment with Dr Grana, until next Monday.
04/09/2023 Everyone is so kind and helpful.  I can’t think of any further care improvements  required
05/09/2023 Very good service
05/09/2023 Nothing
05/09/2023 Nothing perfect polite and respectful x
05/09/2023 Can?t think of anything
05/09/2023 Everything was fine, thank you.
05/09/2023 Very Happy with service. I have no complaints
06/09/2023 Nothing
06/09/2023 Nothing
06/09/2023 No change necessary.
06/09/2023 Very happy nothing to change .
06/09/2023 Nothing at all very pleased with treatment and appointment on time.
06/09/2023 For more face to face appointments available with Gp.
06/09/2023 Both nurses I saw today were extremely pleasant and helpful.
Easier to make a Doctor?s appointment
06/09/2023 Nothing. Excellent service and staff.
06/09/2023 Getting in on time always at least 20-25 wait
06/09/2023 Everything was very good
07/09/2023 Blood Test was fantasic and I havent got a mark.
07/09/2023 Very professional
07/09/2023 Seen & listened too.pilite,caring, reassuring staff
07/09/2023 Nothing
07/09/2023 Nothing adverse to report
07/09/2023 More than happy with the way things are
07/09/2023 I can?t think of any thing .My blood test was carried out very efficiently and on time by a very efficient and pleasant nurse
07/09/2023 Nothing
07/09/2023 So please the way doing the procedure
Thank you so much
07/09/2023 Nil
07/09/2023 Excellent Service. Nothing to improve.
07/09/2023 Very satisfied at themoment
08/09/2023 Nothing, the appointment was early due to not appearance of other patients and the medical person has polite, friendly and completed their work quickly.
08/09/2023 No change
08/09/2023 Nothing
08/09/2023 Why did I get questioned that I don’t need a PSI test every year surely that’s my choice, I’m 66 I’m trying to look after myself and I thought it’s my right to ask for this test every year after all its a silent killer and I want to be in good health
08/09/2023 For the reception staff to have more time to help resolve relatively simple issues which shouldn?t need several calls.
09/09/2023 Just can’t get anything sorted out for patients
11/09/2023 To actually speak to a Doctor  about  the blood tests Ive had recently
11/09/2023 Sort the parking out non blue badge holder taking up spaces.
11/09/2023 I was happy with my experience
12/09/2023 No problems
12/09/2023 Nil
12/09/2023 Going by today’s appointment  nothing.
12/09/2023 No change? happy with service provided . Thank you.
12/09/2023 All good on this occasion.
12/09/2023 Nothing everything was good and it was a great experience. Thank you. X
12/09/2023 Good surgery. staff are very friendly however.
Appointment booking procedure..?
I find it difficult to call at 8:30 am.
Emails are rarely responded to.
E-consult (for booking) pointless as it seems to end up with contact surgery anyway.
13/09/2023 Nothing
13/09/2023 Everything was just gone.Nurse was very good. THSNK YOU.
13/09/2023 No
13/09/2023 Nothing
13/09/2023 My appointment was on time, carried out professionally and did not require any change.
13/09/2023 Nothing. Great service and staff
13/09/2023 If you could clone Sharon, who did my bloods for me yesterday, that would be great. My veins are rubbish now from lots of blood tests and she got it first time, it didn?t hurt and I haven?t got a huge bruise this morning, thank you Sharon:)
13/09/2023 I am satisfied with the way the surgery is run.
13/09/2023 no change required
14/09/2023 I arrived a few minutes late due to road closure, and couldn’t be seen. If they expect us to be patient when we often have to wait 30 minutes, then they could have been more cooperative when I was  10 minutes late due to road works.
14/09/2023 Nothing – Orchid House is great!
14/09/2023 All good
14/09/2023 No change   Visit was managed to an excellent level
Professional and courtesy from start to finish
14/09/2023 Nothing all very good
14/09/2023 Nothing
14/09/2023 None
14/09/2023 I cannot think of anything as your receptionist was very helpful with a new query. Sandy gave me excellent comprehensive care. Thank you
15/09/2023 Improve communication
15/09/2023 Nothing. Service provided was timely and nurse was very personable
15/09/2023 Let the staff know that I do my BP readings at home as I have white coat syndrome. This would free up another appointment for someone else. I have taken a form home to complete this and will return it when completed
15/09/2023 I?m not really qualified to change or improve my treatment, it was satisfactory what was done was what was required. Thankyou.
15/09/2023 None for this blood test
15/09/2023 Continuity  if seeing one doctor
18/09/2023 Nothing.
18/09/2023 Nothing
18/09/2023 Less wait time
18/09/2023 On time thanks
18/09/2023 Don’t need to change anything unable to find fault.
19/09/2023 Listen to patient.
19/09/2023 No changes necessary pleased with care provided
19/09/2023 Queues at reception. Digital login needs more flexibility if running a tiny bit late.
20/09/2023 Lack of care and compassion from nurse. Unfortunately I was 8 minutes late for  my appointment .She refused to see me  there was no one else waiting.
She could have just done the blood test and reschedule the ECG  but refused both.
20/09/2023 Nil to be change. All perfect with everything.  Very professional and pleasant staffs.
21/09/2023 Appointments being more available
21/09/2023 Nothing
21/09/2023 None always receive excellent care very pleased with weight loss.
21/09/2023 Nothing.
21/09/2023 None
21/09/2023 Very helpful
21/09/2023  No changes
22/09/2023 Great Surgery. Deserve their QUAFF
22/09/2023 The surgery made an appointment for me for a blood pressure check up. I was asked to take my blood pressure for the preceding week.
When I attended my appointment I simply had a blood test and no other check.
22/09/2023 No changes required.
22/09/2023 I would have liked to arrange an appointment whilst visiting the Practice for a blood test but I didn?t want everyone to hear why I wanted an appointment. Unfortunately there is no privacy at the receptionist desk (who by the way are excellent).
22/09/2023 easier way to get appointment
22/09/2023 Nothing
22/09/2023 The appointment went like clockwork – excellent.
22/09/2023 Stop the glare when laying down having your Blood pressure taken,it’s a
Job to relax.
The problem is the overhead lights.
Thank you
22/09/2023 My care and treatment was spot on thank you
22/09/2023 Nothing
25/09/2023 No change
25/09/2023 Nothing!!
25/09/2023 Make it easier to see a Dr.
25/09/2023 Go back to being able to make an appointment either by phone or online. The current arrangement of being able only ti try for an appointment on the day is extremely inconvenient
26/09/2023 Nothing. Excellent service
26/09/2023 Very good as it is staff always very polite helpfull and friendly.
26/09/2023 Let us know if there is a delay, where possible. Waited over 10 mins after  appointment slot time before being seen.
26/09/2023 Just an observation on the waiting room, it is very bare, cold looking, no toys, could do with a warmer approach, maybe a book table? Care was very good
26/09/2023 Able to book appointments on line.
26/09/2023 To stock Jelonet dressings for people like me allergic to other sorts !
27/09/2023 Change nothing i am more than satisfied with service i receive
27/09/2023 All very good
27/09/2023 Nothing my nurse was lovely kind and helpful my appointment was on time
Great to have the same care I have had for the last 20 years I have been
With the practice
27/09/2023 After 8 months, I am having to restart my treatment as originally I was given an untried method for treating an ulcer. This was slowly improving things but it still has a long way to go. I am now on the normal ulcer treatment plan as of this week.
27/09/2023 would like to see and talk to a Doctor. to be able to ask questions
28/09/2023 No
28/09/2023 All good
28/09/2023 Nothing, it went very well and I was very happy with the service I received.
28/09/2023 Allow me to book my 12 week prostate cancer jab which I have every 12 weeks on a repeating basis rather than having to involve us both in a time wasting merry go round
It has to be done every 12 weeks so why can?t we recognise the fact !
28/09/2023 Check in machine was not working
28/09/2023 I wouldn?t want to change anything!
It was on time, the nurse was brilliant to deal with.
Blood taken without my realising it,  and on my way home in 10 minutes totally satisfied.
What would I want to change!?
28/09/2023 Nothing
29/09/2023 N/A
29/09/2023 All good slight problem getting my medicine from chemist
29/09/2023 Excellent service  it was a fantastic experience
29/09/2023 Ask the government as they have all answers, that?s why every thing seems so slow!!!!!!
29/09/2023 Happy, nothing needs a change.  Thanks
29/09/2023 None
29/09/2023 Treatment and care fine.system would be more appreciated with less delay  on access and treatments




AUGUST – 2023



01/08/2023 I understand where I am with my medical condition but it is always good to have someone oversee my tests and results and confirm that everything is as good as it can be.
01/08/2023 To get in to see the Doctor sooner than arranged at Reception.
01/08/2023 Nothing, I was very satisfied
01/08/2023 On a personal note, having to pay for transport back and forth for local appointments. I wonder if for the review would it be possible for a phone appointment instead.. But over all happy with the support and professionalism from the surgery/staff.
01/08/2023 Not sending booking with followup appointment.
To advise 2nd appointment only if results deem necessary.
02/08/2023 good, it was a bit complicated
02/08/2023 Nothing!
02/08/2023 Very good
02/08/2023 Receptionist at front desk
02/08/2023 Appointment delays. Advice if running late so that patient does not feel overlooked.
02/08/2023 Nothing everything is perfect
03/08/2023 None thank you
03/08/2023 No improvement necessary it was perfect.
03/08/2023 Facilitate upload of self-test results prior to telephone appointment for review
03/08/2023 Nothing to change. All was very good thank you.
03/08/2023 Nothing thank you.
03/08/2023 Everything was just fine, no problems at all.
03/08/2023 Continuity of doctors.
04/08/2023 Nothing
04/08/2023 Nothing jess was amazing and she made me feel very comfortable well done ..thank u x
04/08/2023 Nothing- the lady was friendly, informative, professional and very helpful.
07/08/2023 Nothing always good
07/08/2023 Nothing everything was perfect
07/08/2023 I have nothing but praise for our surgery, they are always friendly and efficient
07/08/2023 Nothing to change very happy
08/08/2023 No change needed.
08/08/2023 Nothing to change. Excellent as ever.
08/08/2023 Every was good
08/08/2023 None
08/08/2023 Nothing
08/08/2023 Lovely
08/08/2023 I really don’t know. Booking my appointment was very easy by telephone – very helpful person the other end! I didn’t have long to wait when I arrived today. Once again everyone was kind, friendly and helpful.
08/08/2023 I am quite happy with all my experiences and treatment l receive at Orchid House, Than you to ALL THE TEAM
08/08/2023 Use gel before inserting implement for smear test
09/08/2023 Nothing
09/08/2023  No. changes very happy with care provided thank you .
09/08/2023 Nothing all was good
09/08/2023 Very happy with everything so far.
09/08/2023 See me on time
10/08/2023 Nothing
10/08/2023 Appointment being on time
10/08/2023 When i received a phone call about the appointment  I was not told to bring a urine specimen.  My wife will now have to make another trip.
10/08/2023 All fine. I can’t think of anything that would have made it better.
10/08/2023 More car parking would be nice.
10/08/2023 Every thing was good
10/08/2023 Very good experience no suggested improvements, you offer a quality service, thank you.
10/08/2023 No change  needed
11/08/2023 My only complaint was they were about 10 minutes late with the appointment otherwise the treatment was very good
11/08/2023 Was perfect
11/08/2023 If you are only going to offer telephone appointments in the first instance, please make sure that they can take place within a couple of days.
11/08/2023 Make it easier to say doctor
11/08/2023 I can’t think of anything that could improve my experience, my appointment was on time, Josaphine was friendly and professional, put me at ease and took my bloods quickly and easily and constantly chatting to  make sure I knew what was happening.
11/08/2023 Alter the system so you can book the next appointment before you leave
11/08/2023 It does seem to be taking longer than before to heal.
11/08/2023 Being on time? knowing about the appointment before going into it. So that I don?t have to answer pointless questions and waste time ?
14/08/2023 Nothing with the nurse I saw today, she was very helpful, checked on the system and advised us that we already had the shingles jab back in February 2023, and that we didn?t need it. Very good very observant.
14/08/2023 Personally I wouldn’t change anything.
14/08/2023 Nothing, as the team are always most helpful, efficient and caring . Great service
14/08/2023 Overall it was  fine with the nurse friendly and helpful. Do not think anything done to improve my experience.
14/08/2023 Absolutely nothing she was a lovely nurse who I saw.
14/08/2023 I was happy with the feedback from Doctor Every. Everything was clearly explained, I have no complaints
14/08/2023 Can?t think of anything ?
14/08/2023 No change needed. I arrived early  and checked myself in, was seen on time and put at ease. A really good experience, thank you
15/08/2023 Nothing, everything was perfect
15/08/2023 Nothing.
15/08/2023 Nothing
15/08/2023 Nil to change any changes will spoil the perfect running of the surgery
15/08/2023 Can’t think of anything  that could be done to improve  things
15/08/2023 Nothing
15/08/2023 Nothing
15/08/2023 Very happy with all aspects of care
16/08/2023 The care and treatment were lovely it?s just the making of appointments that is stressful!
16/08/2023 Nothing
16/08/2023 None
16/08/2023 Run on time
16/08/2023 Nothing, thanks.
16/08/2023 Nothing
16/08/2023 Nothing
16/08/2023 Todays experience was about as good as you could expect. Within 5hrs �osultat�on ,blood tests etc NHS does work!!!!!
16/08/2023 Having been sent a wrong letter re Diabetic review.  I?m not diabetic.
Will attend a Stroke  review in September.
A kindly nurse took a blood sample today
16/08/2023 None – it was great thankyou.
16/08/2023 No need to change
16/08/2023 Everything was brilliant, nothing to improve.  Thank you.
17/08/2023 Nothing to change. The sevice was excellent.
17/08/2023 No criticism at all.
17/08/2023 Lovely ladies no waiting make you feel s at ease.
17/08/2023 No change needed
18/08/2023 Nothing x
18/08/2023 Fine as it is
18/08/2023 No need to change anything
18/08/2023 My experience was fine as it was today. It was very informative and answered the questioned I had regarding my condition and ongoing treatment.
18/08/2023 I?m very happy with how things are at present
18/08/2023 Be on time!
18/08/2023 Still the same complaint. Reinstate online appointments for routine blood tes such as INR.  Also repeat nurse appointments. Such  a waste of patient time and expensive staff who could be doing something useful.
21/08/2023 Nothing.
21/08/2023 Can?t fault your service.
21/08/2023 None
21/08/2023 Nothing it was great!
21/08/2023 A cooler room for treatment
21/08/2023 Nothing on this occasion.
21/08/2023 More FACE to FACE with
Doctors and medical staff.  Elderly patients reluctant to engage with only phone contact.
21/08/2023 My Age 30 yes younger Thank You
22/08/2023 Nothing – amazing- did blood test as well
22/08/2023 Nothing
22/08/2023 To restore system, to be able to see my GP more quickly. Dont like wait for telephone call back , re follow up.appoitment .
22/08/2023 Who ever is providing the care or treatment should take time to read the patient file before calling the patient.
22/08/2023 Satisfied
22/08/2023 Nothing. I was seen early and the nurse is a lovely professional
23/08/2023 Today was excellent even though they were experiencing computer issues! But was all under control and dealt    with in a professional manner by the team! Sometimes it?s not quite like that when messages and communication are not always  clear.
23/08/2023 Nothing
23/08/2023 All ok
23/08/2023 Nothing it ain?t broke en
23/08/2023 Not always able to get appointment when ringing at 8.30 . am . Seem to be a lot of people ahead which isn?t logical . However the practice is second to none in patient care
23/08/2023 Today good, nurse appointment quickly booked.
Doctors waiting time to get a normal appointment, shame. Where moved from, was back to normal time, few days. But pleased with  doctor, helpful on phone.
23/08/2023 Very happy
23/08/2023 Not a thing to be changed,
It works fine.
23/08/2023 I am very happy with orchid house surgery and the service that I get
23/08/2023 Nothing to add
23/08/2023 All ok
23/08/2023 You are doing well. I have no  complaints.
23/08/2023 Nothing, it?s perfect
24/08/2023 On today’s experience nothing
24/08/2023 In the short time that we have been with the surgery I can only say that it is excellent. Nothing is too much trouble for any of the reception staff. The medical staff I have seen have been excellent and so understanding.
No improvement needed.
24/08/2023 Nothing
24/08/2023 Satisfactory
24/08/2023 No problem very good indeed
24/08/2023 No improvement needed
24/08/2023 Nil to change needed
24/08/2023 Nil to change needed
24/08/2023 Easier and faster to get a face to face appointment.
25/08/2023 Very well care for as always keep me posted/up to date and I cannot fault them for keeping things up to date.
25/08/2023 I cannot think of anything
25/08/2023 If you had a few more doctors, it would save everyone a lot of time on the telephone and would help everyone to explain and understand the problems
25/08/2023 No changes needed.
25/08/2023 Happy with the experience
25/08/2023 Everything was perfect. Nothing needs to change
29/08/2023 Nothing
29/08/2023 Nothing!
29/08/2023 Being able to book an a consultation or telephone conversation with the Doctor when I was attending my blood test. Otherwise excellent
29/08/2023 Nothing
30/08/2023 It was a good experience all round . My blood test and blood pressure were carried out with care and some good advice to talk to a doctor and the receptionist was very patient and helpful. Thank you .
30/08/2023 No improvement needed,all very good.
30/08/2023 Would not change anything
30/08/2023 Nothing absolutely perfect
30/08/2023 N/a
30/08/2023 All was fine, staff very helpful and understanding.
30/08/2023 More evening appointments as work till 5.30, lose money if have to leave work early, not good to do that
31/08/2023 Blood test should be brought back in the surgery for patients with cancer and heart conditions instead of going to Poole or Bournemouth hospital.
31/08/2023 Nothing everything was fine thank you
31/08/2023 Nothing
31/08/2023 Nothing. All very professional and on time.
31/08/2023 Not sure any improvements would have been possible
31/08/2023 Nothing to change
31/08/2023 Nothing
31/08/2023 Get to see a docter more easily with less hassle
31/08/2023 The receptionist I spoke to initially was very understanding & helpful.
My experience with Doctor
Balachandran was first class thankfully she has treated me before and it was very reassuring to have Dr Balachandran treat me again. No improvment req.



JULY – 2023


03/07/2023 Lovely nurse and on time.
03/07/2023 Have more available appointments
03/07/2023 There is nothing that I can think of that would make it better.All the staff have always been very good and helpful thank you.
03/07/2023 All fine
03/07/2023 No all ways good
03/07/2023 Can?t think of anything that needs improvement.
04/07/2023 Change nothing, service was excellent.
04/07/2023 Nothing
04/07/2023 The service I receive from all the doctors, nurses, and reception staff is always outstanding.
04/07/2023 Claire and Jane are both excellent nurses.

Better online facilities (booking, prescriptions, etc) would be good.

05/07/2023 Can’t think of anything that could improve it.
05/07/2023 Probably be getting in on time ,not that I?m moaning
05/07/2023 Whilst I?m happy to assist for training purposes, 3 painful attempts to obtain a smear sample was unacceptable. I have never experienced this in previous appointments nor have I ever bled before.
05/07/2023 Nothing
05/07/2023 I cat think of anything
05/07/2023 I am happy at the moment, with the service you provide. Thank you
06/07/2023 No complaints at all, ran like clockwork thanks.
06/07/2023 All good.
06/07/2023 Nothing really the blood test went smoothly
06/07/2023 Nothing, 10/10
07/07/2023 Nothing at all.
07/07/2023 None
07/07/2023 Easier to get an appointment
10/07/2023 Nothing.all was good
10/07/2023 I would like it to be easier to see a doctor but otherwise no complaints. Staff are always helpful and friendly.
10/07/2023 Excellent service
10/07/2023 Fed up with saying the same thing. Reinstate on line appointments for blood tests  and nurse appointments. Pandemic is over. Save costs of receptionists and frustrating phone calls and hanging on hold in a totally unnecessary queue
10/07/2023 Not have to wait so long for an appointment.
10/07/2023 I have no complaints at all
1. I logged in on the computer and avoided the queue at reception
2. The phlebotomist called me in less than 5 minutes and I was out within another approximately 5 minutes!
Prompt and efficient, excellent service.
11/07/2023 Not to have to write an email to the practice manager before being allowed to have vaccinations that are free on the NHS.
11/07/2023 No need to improve my experience today was excellent. Thank you.
11/07/2023 Satisfied with the service i received today and could not add anything more to improve it.
11/07/2023 Nothing at all needs changing
11/07/2023 All good
11/07/2023 Nothing I?d change
11/07/2023 All was good,thank you.
12/07/2023 I know at the moment it’s hard but more face to face
12/07/2023 Nothing.
12/07/2023 Would change nothing.
The lady that did my blood test (Sharon)? Was absolutely amazing. Got the bloody first time (never happened before). I was so nervous and worried, she put my mind at rest and made me feel much better. What an absolute star!
13/07/2023 More help on what to expect from the appointment
13/07/2023 Open on Saturdays?
13/07/2023 How can you improve on such excellent staff, and treatment.
Kindest regards
13/07/2023 All very good,  caring and considerate reception and nurses
13/07/2023 Not to have blood test?.!!!!
Apart of that is nothing to change,
13/07/2023 Nothing. Very efficient
13/07/2023 I have been happy with the appointments provided and with the automated reminder system
14/07/2023 Nothing, treated with care & sensitivity & knowledgable care. Thank you
14/07/2023 It was all excellent thank you
17/07/2023 Sign to remind patients waiting in queue to walk straight through to use screen to sign in. Had strange looks as I walked past some to use screen. Had the feeling they thought I was trying to jump the queue.
17/07/2023 The appointment was on time and the nurse was very pleasant. I would not change anything.
17/07/2023 Nothing
17/07/2023 None highly satisfied with with my visit
17/07/2023 Nothing  I was seen on time,  nurses very friendly and professional,  very good experience
18/07/2023 Nothing it was great
19/07/2023 All was excellent.  There is nothing to add, thanks
19/07/2023 Perfect
19/07/2023 Nothing
20/07/2023 No it was excellent
On time and a very nice and professional nurse
20/07/2023 Have more GP face to face appointment slots
20/07/2023 Any changes will spoil the good the excellent professional job.
20/07/2023 No need – nurse and service superb!
20/07/2023 Its fine as it is, I am very happy with  the way I am treated.
20/07/2023 Have my ongoing problem dealt with by a GP doctor or via a referal to a hospital.
21/07/2023 Excellent service from josie nurse practitioner
21/07/2023 No change. My care was exemplary thank you.
21/07/2023 Nothing blood test was done by Josie & as usual extremely efficient.
25/07/2023 Nothing to change I am receiving excellent care
25/07/2023 Nothing thanks
25/07/2023 Send correspondence by email re new appointments etc. and save money on postage.
25/07/2023 To day was fine, no problems. Very nice friendly  nurse and on time.
25/07/2023 I think it is fine
25/07/2023 No change
25/07/2023 All good.
26/07/2023 I would change nothing, exceptional staff thank you so much !!!
26/07/2023 Stop patients without masks coughing loudly and often in the waiting area.
26/07/2023 Excellent overall service provided by the Surgery. No adverse comments to be made.
Many Thanks.
26/07/2023 No nothing, thank you, excellent service, prompt and efficient as always, friendly team in Reception and also lovely kind support from medical staff.
26/07/2023 No problems
26/07/2023 Allow 3 more spaces in the car park for patient use
26/07/2023 My experience was very good so no change .
26/07/2023 Nothing. Everything was fine
26/07/2023 All o.k.
26/07/2023 Treatment was superb , nothing needs changing
27/07/2023 The service I had was absolutely fine
27/07/2023 Faster telephone answering ?
27/07/2023 It?s my first appointment with Orchid House, the nurse was very friendly and professional.
27/07/2023 There is no need to change anything as my visit went smoothly and efficiently as per usual.
27/07/2023 Would not change anything, Dr Martindale goes above expectations
27/07/2023 To get results of blood test a phone call weather it is good new or otherwise for peace of mind thanks
27/07/2023    I
27/07/2023 Nothing really – i’m happy.
27/07/2023 I?ve always had excellent service when I?ve attended the surgery. From the receptionists (who are always friendly and helpful), the nurses in the treatment room (who are efficient and friendly) and lastly the doctors who – luckily – I rarely see.
27/07/2023 A nice cup of tea and a bun
28/07/2023 very poor
28/07/2023 It was a blood test, nothing to improve
28/07/2023 Absolutely nothing. Exceptional help. The staff, doctors, nurses and receptionist are always so friendly. Best doctors surgery EVER.
29/07/2023 Poor
31/07/2023 Nothing see on time very friendly staff
31/07/2023 Nothing
31/07/2023 Nothing. Absolutely superb.



JUNE – 2023


01/06/2023 Nothing
01/06/2023 Nothing
01/06/2023 It was perfect, very nice nurse
01/06/2023 Nothing.
01/06/2023   Very good,the nurse that took my blood sample was brilliant
01/06/2023 Nothing
01/06/2023 Nothing
I’ve never had a bad experience all staff, doctors and nurses have always been wonderful, friendly and lovely
So glad I joined
01/06/2023 I was treated with the utmost care and attention by Dr. Grania and all staff.
01/06/2023 Nothing
01/06/2023 None.
01/06/2023 All good.
02/06/2023 No changes everything was fine and helpful
02/06/2023 The service is first class helpful efficient caring staff
02/06/2023 Nurse was running late but apology was given, it happens,  so not an issue.
02/06/2023 maybe, by going back to the old procedure of booking  a personal appointment with a GP at any time instead of the phone one first?
02/06/2023 Nothing to change. On time. Friendly, professional, thank you.
05/06/2023 It went well.
06/06/2023 Nothing I was very happy about everything
06/06/2023 I was treated very well, no improvement needed.
07/06/2023 All good no need to comment
07/06/2023 Nothing needs changing. It was perfect.
07/06/2023 Wonderful service
07/06/2023 No change required.
07/06/2023 Nothing, all excellent, thank you.
07/06/2023 It was great.  No improvement necessary.
08/06/2023 I am satisfied with the service
08/06/2023 So far so good ,I have been given my prescriptions in time and the services I was offered today are beyond my expectations,well done.
09/06/2023 Nothing comes to mind.
09/06/2023 None
09/06/2023 No need to change anything
09/06/2023 Faster blood tests.
09/06/2023 The nurse was wonderful but booking my review with her two weeks before the blood test that this appointment was set to discuss made it a waste of time for both of us

Surely the need to complete the blood test first should have been obvious

09/06/2023 None that I can think or
12/06/2023 Everything was good
12/06/2023 Get appointments sooner
12/06/2023 A nice cup of tea after each blood test would be nice ?
12/06/2023 Nothing.
12/06/2023 Not a thing.
12/06/2023 Always been very happy with the way I am treated from reception, nurses and doctors
12/06/2023 Things at this Surgery have improved quite a lot. I know everyone was under pressure during covid.
12/06/2023  When you’re running late, send a pretty girl round with a tray of ice-creams like they used to do in cinema’s
13/06/2023 None
13/06/2023 Nothing everything was fine
13/06/2023 Please do not make an appointment without my request and then write to me to tell me about the appointment.
By all means ask me if I would like an appointment and I will respond if I would like to accept.
13/06/2023 Shorter wait time
13/06/2023 No suggestions. The lady I spoke to was very professional, efficient and helpful
14/06/2023 The service was great!
14/06/2023 Nothing to change
14/06/2023 Cappuccino on arrival!
14/06/2023 Less of a wait for arranged appointments

Once you get the appointment, your service is 5* excellent

15/06/2023 I couldn?t think of a thing that would have improved my experience today which was excellent! I was called on time, Nurse covered everything and an updated ?MY COPD Care Plan? printed
15/06/2023 No problem at all
15/06/2023 Not a thing. Very satisfied.
15/06/2023 First class treatment no views on any change
15/06/2023 Water cooler
16/06/2023 No change needed
16/06/2023 Nothing
19/06/2023 I had blood tests today which I hope were the correct ones as in the past I have gone for a test and a different one was taken
20/06/2023 Please, do not change anything
20/06/2023 Nothing
20/06/2023 Nothing.
20/06/2023 Nothing
20/06/2023 Nothing
21/06/2023 I would not change the Treatment room experience, the nursing staff are very kind and professional.
21/06/2023 I was totally satisfied with my treatment
21/06/2023 Nothing.  Excellent throughout.
21/06/2023 NA. I have always been very impressed with my care and treatments
21/06/2023 Had a blood test didn’t feel it go in very good.
21/06/2023 Very happy thank you.
22/06/2023 Nothing!
22/06/2023 As my appointment went smoothly and efficiently I do not see any reason to change the current format.
Thank you all.
22/06/2023 All fine thank you
22/06/2023 I think it is ok as it is
22/06/2023 I am very happy with my appointment, could not have been better.
22/06/2023 No suggestions as the appointment went very well.
22/06/2023 Endeavor to cut down waiting times for appointments in all categories. Two weeks is like a lifetime when the patient is in extreme pain.
22/06/2023 Nothing
22/06/2023 Nothing
22/06/2023 I cannot think of any changes. My visit was very helpful, efficient and friendly. Orchid house is a very friendly surgery.
23/06/2023 No changes needed
23/06/2023 Only thing would be nice to have the same doctor for continuation. Otherwise have always found staff pleasant and helpful.
26/06/2023 My appointment time. Is met.
26/06/2023 Nothing  at the present time
26/06/2023 Nothing Excellent Services can?t fault it at all
26/06/2023 Understand what tests you need to perform
27/06/2023  No change required
27/06/2023 As usual everything was perfect no change needed
27/06/2023 Easier access to doctors
27/06/2023 Nothing.
27/06/2023 Nothing at all as all appointments in the treatment room are excellent
27/06/2023 Nothing springs to mind. Appointment was on time and the staff were very attentive
28/06/2023 Nothing
28/06/2023 I would not change a thing.
My appointment was on time and the nurse was exceptional.
28/06/2023 Very happy with the care I received today
28/06/2023  Nothing
28/06/2023 Make life easier for us all. I had a telephone appointment with doctor she advised blood test. I had to wait 2 weeks for a 2 minute process. I had to phone in at 08.30 sharp and I was already on a long in queue.
28/06/2023 Nothing been very good
28/06/2023 No
29/06/2023 No change, all fine.
29/06/2023 Sometimes a phone call isn?t as good as seeing a doctor such as hearing problems. A doctor really needs to see the patient in order to know what treatment is required
30/06/2023 Everyone has a different approach to suit their own body needs
30/06/2023 Everything was good nurse was extremely kind and helpful. And as it was a Friday evening appointment the other people were very kind too as they had to wait around as it had gone 6.30
30/06/2023 Great service from staff and Doctor.




MAY – 2023


02/05/2023 Nothing
02/05/2023 James was brilliant.  He went through all my blood test results and he was very reassuring.
02/05/2023 All good
02/05/2023 Nothing
02/05/2023 Nothing
04/05/2023 Nothing that i can think of?thanks
05/05/2023 They are doing there best in the situations that’s occurred since COVID started
05/05/2023 Cannot fault the excellent service a credit to you all
05/05/2023 Nothing.  Was brilliant as always.
09/05/2023 Very poor
09/05/2023 Nothing, perfect as it is!
09/05/2023 Couldn’t  better the appointment kept with James, diabetic consultant, very friendly and answered all questions satisfactorily.
11/05/2023 Nothing it went smoothly and was on time
11/05/2023 I would have access to all my notes including historical ones.
11/05/2023 It was perfect.
11/05/2023 No problem with visit for blood test. On time and attended to by very pleasant and professional nurse. Thank you.
11/05/2023 For my blood test I would change nothing. Appointment on time and carried out by a very pleasant and professional nurse.
11/05/2023 Nothing
12/05/2023 My be more in depth- ie test for prostate etc
12/05/2023 Deal with more than 1 thing at a time, to cut down on visits to the surgery.
12/05/2023 Everything was fine especially the receptionist when My daughter had to ring the day before to check about my appointments. Dr Every has been very good keeping an eye on my condition.
15/05/2023 Nothing on this occasion
15/05/2023 Everything fine
16/05/2023 nothing always good.
16/05/2023 Nothing
16/05/2023 As a follow up to my asthma review I went to reception to make an appointment with senior nurse practitioner, as recommended by the nurse I?d just seem to discuss another health matter. Was told I had to call to make an appointment – why??????
16/05/2023 The appointments are normally on schedule and have always worked well for me so from my point of view no changes are necessary.
17/05/2023 Treatment and service at Orchid House is brilliant .. keep up the good work, and thank you for all that you do !!
17/05/2023 Nothing on time the nurse was really friendly and helpful
17/05/2023 Excellent nurse
17/05/2023 There is no need to change the current system.
17/05/2023 I miss the Orchids in the waiting room…..
Care and Treatment though, superb….?
17/05/2023 Nothing thankyou.
17/05/2023 Nothing
17/05/2023 The advisory messages gave ambiguous times: I had to phone to check, but thank you to the helpful staff
18/05/2023 Know Improvement needed.
18/05/2023 Nothing obvious.  All was excellent, lovely staff, prompt attention, thank you
18/05/2023 Due to my condition I find the seats too low so I have to sit on the table so I can stand when the nurse calls for me   That gets uncomfortable after a while
18/05/2023 Happy as it is
18/05/2023 Nothing to change
18/05/2023 None
18/05/2023 Everything ran smoothly today. On time and painless
18/05/2023 Face to face contact
18/05/2023 This visit was perfect. No changes needed
18/05/2023 Nothing to change it was very good.
18/05/2023 All satisfied
18/05/2023 In this instance it was a straight forward blood test that the Dr had requested six months ago. Appointment ran on time and the Clinician was extremely courteous.
19/05/2023 You can’t change perfection just the best people
19/05/2023 Nothing needs to change. Friendly reception and great service.
19/05/2023 A sign to wait in the small waiting room if blood test appt. As easier to hear your name being called out. Appointment was quick and easy no issues. Thankyou.
19/05/2023 Nothing to change
It went according to plan.
Helpful nurse and friendly
Altogether a good experience
19/05/2023 I have been looked after so well when visiting the surgery, and everyone is helpful and friendly. No improvements necessary. Thank you.
19/05/2023 No change required.  This surgery is excellent and everyone there is doing a great job.
19/05/2023 No change
22/05/2023 Good appointment – wonderful nurse took my bloods very friendly and professional and lovely lady on the reception desk who helped when the machine wouldn?t log me in.
22/05/2023 Absolutely nothing, all the staff from the receptionist/s Drs, Nurses are all excellent give a friendly and exceptional service. Each and everyone deserve praise and recognition for doing a excellent job.
23/05/2023 Everything was perfect so I cannot see how you could improve the visit. Very grateful for all the care I have been given over the past 5years.
23/05/2023 Nothing needs changing every body I have dealt with have been very polite and helpful
24/05/2023 On time keeping with appts.
24/05/2023 I can’t think of anything, I’ve always been pleased with the attention I have received.
24/05/2023 Nothing was very good
24/05/2023 Nothing
24/05/2023 Nothing to change extremely pleased
24/05/2023 Very pleasant and efficient
24/05/2023 No improvement necessary! I?m always amazed at how good the service is from Orchid House, the whole team just seem to make things run very smoothly and efficiently! Many thanks.
25/05/2023 Be up to date with information from the consultant. Felt I had to tell you what you should really already have known. Otherwise useful appointment.
25/05/2023 Nothing at all .. very happy with service
25/05/2023 Make on line booking possible. It?s been since first lockdown. Now no masks etc. It a waste of everyone?s time.
25/05/2023 More privacy when discussing treatment with the reception team, currently all details can be heard when sitting in waiting area
25/05/2023 Wider testing on my blood sample to include other factors potentially related to the suspected borderline iron anaemia
25/05/2023 Nothing necessary
25/05/2023 Nothing my experience was exceptional
25/05/2023 Nothing!  It was amazing, the nurse was really nice and helpful
25/05/2023 Nothing
25/05/2023 Perfect place to go and the service  great thanks
25/05/2023 Nothing
25/05/2023 Everything was fine
26/05/2023 N/a
26/05/2023 No change
26/05/2023 The nurse I saw think it was Jess was very friendly and professional but have to say all the nurses are friendly and professional
26/05/2023 I was very happy with the service I received, it was outstanding.
26/05/2023 It is very good already.
30/05/2023 Nothing, everything spot on.
30/05/2023 I can’t ask for a better experience.
31/05/2023 The GP can be more sensitive and not indicate that one?s heath issues are considered as a ?claim?. I do not have a habit of creating issues, one?s personal journey should be respected and not ridiculed.
31/05/2023 Nothing to change the nurse was very gentle and I asked her a few questions and she answered  so well . Went to ask a question from the receptionist and was extremely helpful and kind
31/05/2023 Nothing. Excellent treatment.
31/05/2023 Nothing to change



APRIL – 2023


03/04/2023 Easier to get appointment
04/04/2023 Nothing. My nurse was very helpful
04/04/2023  I cancelled my appointment so I?m not sure but please can u send me via text a new appointment for a smear please, when u can fit me in next x
Many thanks
04/04/2023 To send a sick note the day it is requested. Failure to do this causes much anxiety and worry, and is not helpful when someone is already ill
04/04/2023 No change necessary
05/04/2023 Didn’t have to wait long and the nurse who too my bloods was excellent and very
efficient .
05/04/2023 Nothing at all
05/04/2023 Don’t feel that anything would have improved my mums experience, the diabetic nurse was lovely and everything was carried out professionally. Thank you
05/04/2023 Everyone was exceptionally kind and caring towards me, as I have recently lost my husband. They couldn?t have done any better. Thank you ?
06/04/2023 See doctor for face to face appointments.
06/04/2023 I understand that it would be useful if we turned up 5 mins early to help with speeding up the process. So I suggest you ask us to do that.
06/04/2023 Excellent today
06/04/2023 Nothing
06/04/2023 All very good
06/04/2023 Nothing
06/04/2023 Nothing,happy with my treatment.
06/04/2023 Nothing
06/04/2023 Nothing,  I went in early and the blood test and blood pressure was done by a lovely lady, very pleasant experience ?
11/04/2023 Nothing to change.
11/04/2023 None
11/04/2023 There is no need to add/change anything as my appointment went smoothly and professionally.
11/04/2023 I could not offer any imp?�vement suggestion
17/04/2023 Make own appointments on line as used to be.
17/04/2023 Quicker appointments but I know that?s not your fault
18/04/2023 Nothing needs changing.
18/04/2023 Improve the efficiency and performance
18/04/2023 I have no problems for me it is working well.
18/04/2023 I was very happy with the care I received. Thank you.
18/04/2023 I wouldn’t change a thing.
18/04/2023 None
18/04/2023 None
18/04/2023 Online appointment bookings.
19/04/2023 Can’t improve on excellence ??
19/04/2023 Not a thing all good here
20/04/2023 All a okay
20/04/2023 Reinstate on line appointments for nurse abd blood tests
21/04/2023 Nothing
21/04/2023 Nothing. As usual Josie was her usual very efficient self when my blood test was done.
24/04/2023 No change needed
27/04/2023 More face to face appointments with doctors.
27/04/2023 No changes necessary.
28/04/2023 I recently asked for a repeat prescription but did not get all of the items?. Would be nice to know why not ?

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