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Prescriptions for 35 minor conditions are no longer available in Dorset

Posted on June 4th, 2024








Prescriptions for 35 minor conditions are no longer available in Dorset such as coughs, colds and indigestion. Visit your pharmacy or supermarket instead. #helpyournhs

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Capture GPs and other healthcare professionals have been asked by NHS Dorset to no longer prescribe in the same way that they used to. This allows healthcare professionals to
focus on caring for people with a more urgent need. The NHS in Dorset wants people to have the confidence to look after themselves where they can.
This gives people greater control of their health without the need to visit their GP for minor conditions

Why does the NHS want to
reduce prescribing of over
the counter medicines?
The NHS in Dorset wants each medicine prescribed to offer the best opportunity for improved health and wellbeing. For the most part, prescribing of over the counter
medicines does not achieve this. The NHS has been spending around £136 million a year on prescriptions for medicines that can be bought from a pharmacy or supermarket (£5 million a year in Dorset). By reducing the amount the NHS spends on over the counter medicines we can give priority to treatments for
people with more serious conditions, such as cancer, diabetes and mental health problems.

What if my symptoms
don’t improve?
Your local pharmacy team can tell you how long to expect the symptoms of your condition to last. If they haven’t improved after this time or you start to feel a lot worse,
you should:
• go back to the pharmacy for
further advice
• use 111 online or call 111
• contact your GP.

For a range of minor health concerns, your GP nurse or pharmacist will not generally prescribe over
the counter medicines, even if you qualify for free prescriptions. Instead, over the counter medicines
are available to buy in a pharmacy or supermarket in your local community.
This applies to treatments for these conditions:

Acute sore throat
Cradle cap
Dry eyes / sore tired eyes
Infant colic
Infrequent migraine
Minor burns and scalds
Mild irritant dermatitis
Mouth ulcers
Oral thrush
Ringworm / athlete’s footCapture3
Head lice
Infrequent cold sores
of the lip
Insect bites
Mild cystitis
Mild hay fever
Nappy rash
Prevention of tooth decay
Sun protection
Coughs, colds and nasal
Diarrhoea (adults)
Excessive sweating
Indigestion and heartburn
Travel sickness
Infrequent constipation
Mild acne
Mild dry skin
Minor pain, discomfort
and fever (eg aches and sprains, headache, period pain, back pain)
Teething / mild toothache Warts and verrucae

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