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Patients can self-refer to a number of services without needing to see a GP, please see below for more information on which services are available.


Self-Referral to Outpatient Physiotherapy Services

We understand how aches and pains in your joints, muscles and bones can cause frustration and worry, impacting on your daily activities. In most cases, these can be treated by yourself, in your own home using guidance available on our website

If you continue to suffer with a condition or injury affecting muscles, joints and soft tissues such as low back pain, shoulder pain, neck pain, a Physiotherapist may be able to help.

How to Self-Refer

You can now refer yourself to see a Physiotherapist for an assessment, without the need to consult your GP first.

If you are registered with a GP Practice in Dorset and over the age of 16, simply visit and complete the required information on our Self-Referral Form.

Alternatively click here to download the self-referral form.  Please return this form to your GP practice. This form can be attached to the ‘HealthCare Professionals Referral’ at where it will be submitted to your local NHS Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Service.

Is self-referral right for everyone?

This service is not available for neurological conditions (such as stroke or MS), gynaecological conditions (such as prolapse or incontinence) respiratory conditions (such as COPD or cystic fibrosis) or if your condition is related to pregnancy. Your GP, consultant or healthcare professional can refer you to your local specialist service in their usual way.

Please ask your consultant to refer you to us if you have had a recent operation.

Maternity self referral

If you are more than six weeks pregnant you can now book your maternity care directly with Poole Hospital’s maternity services by filling in a self referral form.

The form asks you questions about yourself, your family and your medical background.  Please answer as fully as possible, as this will enable them to ensure that you receive the most appropriate care.

Following receipt of your referral you will be contacted via email by a member of the community team and given an appointment at 8 weeks to have your routine booking blood tests performed.  At this appointment the midwife will discuss your screening options with you and complete a consent form.  A phlebotomist will perform the blood tests.  The appointment will take approximately 20 minutes.

Once you have referred in to the service you will be contacted within 3 weeks with a date for the booking appointment.  If you do not hear from us within three weeks please contact 01202 442515.

For all other queries regarding your maternity care, you should call the community midwifery team on 01202 442692 in the first instance.

For more information please visit Poole hospital website

Steps 2 Wellbeing

Most of us feel sad, anxious, low or stressed now and again, in response to particular events in our life. While for many people this is short lived, for others it can cause ongoing distress and give way to a sense of hopelessness about the future. If mental health issues astepstore affecting your quality of life, there is support available to help you overcome your difficulties.

Our Steps to Wellbeing Service is a free, confidential NHS service for anyone aged 18+ who is registered at a GP surgery in Dorset (including Bournemouth and Poole) and in Southampton.

We offer a range of different types of treatment for people experiencing problems with low mood/depression, anxiety or stress. Some of the problems we can help with include:

  • depression and low mood
  • anxiety (including social anxiety and generalised anxiety)
  • obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD)
  • post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)
  • specific phobias
  • panic disorder
  • stress.

Telephone: 01202 277023

Click here if you would like to self refer to the steps 2 wellbeing service

For more information please visit the Steps 2 Wellbeing website


Wheelchair Service now accepting Self-Referrals

Patients, or their carers, can Self-Refer directly via the service websites or using the contact details below:

Dorset Community Podiatry Service Dorset HealthCare :: Podiatry (foot care) Telephone: 0300 303 8630 or email

Once they have receive your completed referral form, this will be triaged by a clinician and if they feel you are eligible for an assessment, you will be contacted and offered an appointment.

Dorset Wheelchair Services Dorset HealthCare :: Wheelchair service  Telephone: 01202 892874 or email

Self-referral to Dorset Physiotherapy Outpatient Service is already available via Looking after yourself | Musculoskeletal Matters (

The service also has information, signposting, criteria, and access information for both patients and carers for community-based nail cutting services on the Dorset Healthcare website. Dorset HealthCare :: Basic foot care information

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