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Friends and Family Reviews and Feedback Archive 2022

MARCH – 2023


01/03/2023 Definitely not. Fantastic service and so so friendly. The lady I saw was a breath of fresh air 10-10 xx so happy
01/03/2023 Nothing  all is good
01/03/2023 Nothing
02/03/2023 Nothing. Brilliant  service
02/03/2023 Nothing
02/03/2023 Nothing on this occasion. Thank you.
02/03/2023 I have impaired vision so a bigger signing in screen would help.    Otherwise It can make me late because I  am then told by the  screen to go to Reception.    The treatment I had with Josie was perfect.
02/03/2023 Nothing. Good treatment from pleasant staff.
02/03/2023 Have a machine that measures my height, weight and body mass.
02/03/2023 I personally would not change anything.
02/03/2023 Nothing, it was perfect
02/03/2023 Had a blood test and went in before the appointment time
03/03/2023 Every thing was faultless
03/03/2023 No changes needed
03/03/2023 Enable I’ll people to see a doctor
03/03/2023 Nothing
07/03/2023 Nothing
07/03/2023 As i’m quite new to the area i can only go by the surgery and it’s staff on the few occassions i have used it. Very polite and professional..
07/03/2023 I found the whole appointment very good. The nurse was very helpful caring and listened to my concerns.
I don?t think I would change anything
07/03/2023 Cannot think of anything
07/03/2023 I was unaware of the reason for my appointment so a little information would be useful when summoned to the surgery.
07/03/2023 N/A
09/03/2023 Nothing.
09/03/2023 Reminder to drink extra water before a blood test
09/03/2023 It was all good
09/03/2023 Nothing all good
09/03/2023 All good
10/03/2023 You’ve got it right .
10/03/2023 It is perfect.
10/03/2023 Start making appointments on line again. There?s really no excuse. The pandemic is over.
10/03/2023 To be able to have or at least book face to face appointments without triage telephone process.
13/03/2023 This is about the call back service from the doctor
Needs to be more friendly and concerned
Know about the persons meds and needs.
Not to think people just wants meds for know reason
Make the person feel important
13/03/2023 Today, blood test, perfect.
13/03/2023 No change
13/03/2023 All good in treatment room. Would be good if I saw same Dr each time I have no idea who mine is
14/03/2023 From my experience you don’t need to change anything.
14/03/2023 Nothing this time ,
Seen on time,
excellent care and advice given ,
absolutely 1st class experience
So nice to be seen a competent health care professional.Thank you
14/03/2023 Nothing!
14/03/2023 I’m very  happy with the treatment and care I get at your  surgery.
14/03/2023 There was nothing to improve.?
15/03/2023 There was nothing needed to change today .Thank you
15/03/2023 A lot thanks
15/03/2023 I can’t think of anything you need to change . Nurse very good and helpful.
15/03/2023 Make it as before Covid, we have to live with it now just like any other virus, I think a doctor can tell more if you are seen and examined.
16/03/2023 Nothing to report. Staff are polite and caring. Well done and thank you all.
16/03/2023 Nothing it is excellent
17/03/2023 I found everything perfect no changes thank you.
17/03/2023 Book own appointments on line.
17/03/2023 Nothing I am happy with a care you gave me thank you
17/03/2023 To be able to speak to a doctor when you are ill and see them
17/03/2023 Everything fine.
17/03/2023 Service good no need to change
17/03/2023 Music !
17/03/2023 Wasn?t sure whether I had booked me in correctly using screen and when I tried again it said it couldn?t find my appointment so I had to ask receptionist – clearer messages on screen would help.
17/03/2023 Nothing really I am very happy with the service I receive
21/03/2023 N/A
21/03/2023 Nothing really
21/03/2023 I?m very happy with the service but I know you need extra staff to cope with the high workload.
22/03/2023 My experience was great. No need to improve.
Thank you.
22/03/2023 It was fine no problems.
22/03/2023 Start making face to face appointments again
23/03/2023 It was as good as it could have been, given current situations.
23/03/2023 Nothing it was great, thankyou
23/03/2023 Excellent service as always
23/03/2023 None.
23/03/2023 To be able to see our Doctor
24/03/2023 Nothing , very quick and friendly visit.
24/03/2023 Nothing very good
24/03/2023 Nothing
24/03/2023 Easier to get an appointment
27/03/2023 No issues.  Nothing to change.
27/03/2023 More of the same!
27/03/2023 Someone on the desk when I left
27/03/2023 On time fantastic service today.
Very happy.
Thank you
27/03/2023 No change needed, seen at appointment time by a very friendly phlebotomist. Thank you
27/03/2023 The nurse was good. The reception who initially contacted me did not let me know that I was not going to see a doctor, this was deceptive, I am quite annoyed that given no 2 months notice that I want d to see a doctor I was misled and did not seem Dr
28/03/2023 No change s
28/03/2023 Also polite & helpful.Walked in yesterday,signed in,didn’t wait longe at all.Seen .I’d also forgotten an item to reorder & the receptionist was polite & helpful
29/03/2023 Nothing whatsoever
29/03/2023 Nothing. Everyone was friendly and polite and they informed me about what they were doing and what was going to happen.
31/03/2023 A referral to aConsultant in Respiratory Medicine
31/03/2023 So far everything is fine
31/03/2023 Would be nice to be able to speak with my Doctor face to face, as it was with  the nurse today
31/03/2023 Cannot improve on the appointment.
31/03/2023 Can?t think of anything to improve your service
31/03/2023 I?m happy with the way it is ??




02/02/2023 Nothing. It?s brilliant
03/02/2023 Nothing comes to mind
03/02/2023 Nothing! Amazing people all round.
03/02/2023 Nothing to change Josie is brilliant
03/02/2023 Not a thing.
03/02/2023 Nothing. Just keep up the good service please.
03/02/2023 Nothing to change. Everything was fine
03/02/2023 However. I had a very stressful time when my wife was extremely ill and  I was asking to speak to a doctor for help and medication. The response was no and I should contact 111. The result was by Sunday she was rushed to A&E with a serious condition.
03/02/2023 Find out who is my Respiratory Doctor is please.
06/02/2023 Say whether appointments are running on time or running late and by how long when signing in.
06/02/2023 Nothing, It was efficient, on time and fitted in with my work commitments.
06/02/2023 You’re  nurses  are a credit to your  surgery.  I’m sure you  know.  Absolutely  Fantastic!
07/02/2023 Easier access to doctors , please
07/02/2023 They look after me well
07/02/2023 Nothing perfect
07/02/2023 None
08/02/2023 I?m afraid you cannot improve on surpurb excellent treatment and the  caring that I have always experienced over the  past six years.
08/02/2023 Nothing needs changing apart from making sure that appointment times are kept by your staff
08/02/2023 Went well so for me no problems
08/02/2023 None
09/02/2023 Nothing
09/02/2023 Based on my appointment today then nothing could have been done to improve my experience. Received excellent care.
09/02/2023 Nothing
09/02/2023 It was excellent nothing to change
10/02/2023 All good thank you
10/02/2023 Quicker appt times. Getting to SEE a GP
10/02/2023 Remove roadworks  , so I?m not late.
10/02/2023 I have no recommendations I am satisfied with my NHS services
10/02/2023 More privacy when booking appointments at the reception.
10/02/2023 Very satisfied and well organised.
10/02/2023 All excellent
10/02/2023 None
10/02/2023 All was great
10/02/2023 I think your service is excellent so can?t think of anything to improve it
10/02/2023 It would be useful for the nurses to have a supply of dressings suitable for ulcers
13/02/2023 It is difficult to make appointments by phone. An earlier start to the phone appointment bookings would really help.
13/02/2023 No change
14/02/2023 Get rid of face masks
Hospitals have. Vets have. They make me hot and uncomfortable
14/02/2023 Everything ok, needed a bit more on diet.
14/02/2023 All good
14/02/2023 N/A
14/02/2023 Nothing in this instance
14/02/2023 Not a thing
16/02/2023 Working on today’s appointment, no improvement is necessary. Everything was done safely and efficiently as usual.
16/02/2023 Might be useful if you could advise on waiting times if running late.
16/02/2023 Nothing needs change, staff on reception are very polite and helpful also cannot fault the rest of the staff. All so helpful and polite.
16/02/2023 No change necessary
17/02/2023 Nothing, it was early so no wait and your staff member was very friendly and efficient so all good, thank you.
17/02/2023 Nothing, it was great as always.
17/02/2023 i was treated admirably so no improvement necessary thank you.
17/02/2023 More staff to help people and not being so jobs worth !!
17/02/2023 It was prompt & professional
20/02/2023 Being able to make a follow up appointment to review my blood test. Apparently no appointments available in the near future. Never mind, I shall try again next week.
20/02/2023 I thought the service as always was perfect
21/02/2023 Nothing
21/02/2023 Better access to specific doctor would be very beneficial
21/02/2023 I wouldn?t change anything. The diabetic nurse was very informative & answered all of my questions.
21/02/2023 Nothing to change the nurse was very kind and friendly she put me at ease
21/02/2023 Reveptioist could be more fridndly
22/02/2023 Everything ok as it is.
23/02/2023 Nothing it was all very good
23/02/2023 Care and treatment very good and friendly.
However tried to check in twice which was unsuccessful and told to check in at reception. When all details given to reception was told I was already checked in.
23/02/2023 I was very satisfied appointment time kept and treatment expertly performed. Thank you.
23/02/2023 Earlier appointment
23/02/2023 Sooner appointment
23/02/2023 No change..l find that l have had good care and understanding from the surgery…very satisfied
23/02/2023 Nothing
23/02/2023 Nothing really, Josephine very efficient and personable. She managed to get me in a few minutes early.
Excellent job
23/02/2023 To make the app system better
24/02/2023 Very happy with service today.
24/02/2023 I only have apps with treatments so can only praise them up for their care and efficiency.
24/02/2023 It was wonderful
24/02/2023 No complaints
27/02/2023 I arrived in plenty of time for my appointment,  no one came out while  I was waiting and when I eventually went in, when the Nurse called me, nothing was  mentioned as to while I had to wait so long
28/02/2023 I received excellent care


JANUARY – 2023

03/01/2023 Think it was all good and constructive already thank you
03/01/2023 I was late as checking in directed me back to desk and waited 5 minutes for a receptionist

to appear

05/01/2023 I can’t think how it could possibly have been improved. Thank you to all concerned .
05/01/2023 Can’t think of any improvement needed. Everything was friendly and efficient as usual.
06/01/2023 Restart online appointment booking.
06/01/2023 Nothing  it was perfect!!
06/01/2023 Nothing,
06/01/2023 Today everything was excellent. It is so good when your appointment time is kept

particularly when you have further appointments that day.

06/01/2023 Nothing. My appointment was on time and the blood test quickly carried out.
06/01/2023 Nothing
09/01/2023 very informative and helpful nurse
10/01/2023 N0thing
10/01/2023 Can’t think of anything at the moment.
12/01/2023 Explain how I get the results of my blood test. No one discussed the next stage or

how I get to know the results of the blood test. Just left in limbo.

12/01/2023 No change. Everything went to schedule.
The nurse was very helpful and friendly
12/01/2023 Auto register inconsistent otherwise the Practice offers a totally professional service
12/01/2023 Nothing,great treatment and happy with everything,,,thankyou
13/01/2023 Absolutely nothing. I was seen on time and greeted with a smile !
13/01/2023 Satisfied with all aspects of treatment currently received.
13/01/2023 To see a familiar Doctor face to face .
13/01/2023 I cannot think of anything better than the treatment provided. All caring and polite
13/01/2023 Nothing !! Excellent Service all round. Thank You.
16/01/2023 Cant think of anything
16/01/2023 Reduce waiting time for blood test appointment
16/01/2023 As far as I am concerned everything was good and personally I would not need to

change anything

17/01/2023 Nothing to change thank you
17/01/2023 You can?t improve on my treatment I was very happy with James he was very thorough .
17/01/2023 All fine, very friendly and efficient.
17/01/2023 Every thing is just right doesn’t need changing
17/01/2023  Bring back the magazines or play piped music – the silence is awful
19/01/2023 nothing
19/01/2023 Nothing. Nurse was very efficient, smiley and blood test was carried out quickly.

Very good service.

19/01/2023 I?m very happy. No suggestions.
19/01/2023 Everything is very good. Thank you for your help
19/01/2023 More interaction I am happy to work with my GP practice to control my

medical condition but need to be kept informed of any planned actions and advised

if the plan changes and why.

19/01/2023 Keep the standard as good as today for future appointments please.
20/01/2023 Nothing as always Josie was most efficient
20/01/2023 No change needed I am very satisfied thank you
20/01/2023 Nothing needs to change
20/01/2023 N/A
20/01/2023  Nothing at all thank you!
23/01/2023 Nothing
23/01/2023 To see someone you could talk to about not only results but medication
24/01/2023 I find the lack of appointments to see a doctor very concerning. I get regular blood

tests which is fantastic.  I find the voice Mail on the phone when ringing the surgery

depressing and hope I never get sick

24/01/2023 Listen.
26/01/2023 Nothing at all
26/01/2023 Ppl to read the Patient notes prior to calling just to see if they are hard of hearing,

cause if they are it causes confusion and embarrassment

26/01/2023 Nothing
27/01/2023 Nothing to add – I would have rated excellent if there had been that option.
27/01/2023 Reinstate on line appointments for nurse and blood appointments.

There?s no reason not to

27/01/2023 Absolutely nothing to change.
Prompt appointments and kind, caring staff. What more could anyone want!
30/01/2023 My experience could not be faulted. Appointment was on time.

Blood test was carried out by a very pleasant and efficient lady and I did not feel a thing .


01/12/2022 Lower the booking-in screen. Impossible to use if you are a wheelchair user.

Reception desk also too high to enable a private conversation to take place.

01/12/2022 Nothing
01/12/2022 None very good
01/12/2022 Nothing l can think of.
01/12/2022 It was fine, thank you.
02/12/2022 On time, put at ease, first stab good, no bruising.
Would not change anything
02/12/2022 In these times orchid house surgery are excellent
02/12/2022 My treatment was very good
05/12/2022 Nothing the service was really good.
05/12/2022 Tea and biscuits would be nice but perhaps that would be too much. Always a very

good experience. Thanks to you all.

05/12/2022 I am having physical difficulties at the minute. I was very fortunate the blood nurse sorted

it out for me next time can organise visit to home.
Thank you very much.

05/12/2022 Polite and friendly phlebotomist. Very gentle. Josie and Jess.
05/12/2022 Keep appointment times. First appointment of the day and still 20 mins late after chase

up from receptionist.

06/12/2022 Went well, no problems. Thanks.
06/12/2022 Restart online booking service suspended during COVID.

And resolve problem with missing blood test results when requested by a

consultant but conducted at the surgery.

06/12/2022 Completely happy with today’s visit as I actually saw someone rather than a phone call.
06/12/2022 Nothing to change very prompt and friendly nurse.
06/12/2022 Care and treatment are both excellent
06/12/2022 Bring back on line appointments. Fed up with hanging the phone.  It?s no longer necessary.

Just an excuse to fob people off.

07/12/2022 Nothing – Dee was lovely
07/12/2022 No improvement needed
07/12/2022 Nothing, all fine.
07/12/2022 No improvement needed.  The ladies gave above 100% .
08/12/2022 Get rid of the masks.
08/12/2022 Nothing.
08/12/2022 None very excellent service
08/12/2022 Easier to get appointments with GP
08/12/2022 Nothing very efficient.
08/12/2022 Nothing.   It was excellent.    On time and friendly.
08/12/2022 Nothing, it was fast efficient and friendly.
08/12/2022 Service cannot be bettered in present difficult conditions – thank you
12/12/2022 Nothing all good from booking to receiving reminders appointment was on time all good for me.
Thank you
12/12/2022 Nothing at all good care pleasant no complaints
12/12/2022 No need to improve thank you
13/12/2022 Nothing as everyone is so nice.
13/12/2022 Your service and kindness over 40 years is excellent. Congratulations.. Particularly

the service from Dr Every.

13/12/2022 I can’t fault anything.  Excellent treatment.  Thanks
13/12/2022 Had a blood test all went well
13/12/2022 The ongoing diabetic review process works well, especially the services organised /

provided  by the Orchid House Team, which provides  excellent all round care.

Thank You All
The eye screening process could perhaps be done  a little more often?

13/12/2022 To be offered more appointments face to face with a doctor
13/12/2022 Good as is!
13/12/2022 I can’t see improvement required.  You all are doing brilliant work.  Thank you for

your consistent care.

14/12/2022 Nothing.
14/12/2022    Nothing
14/12/2022 None
14/12/2022 On this occasion nothing to change
14/12/2022 The doctor phoned consultant to get face to face appointment rather than leaving it to me.
15/12/2022 None
15/12/2022 No change
15/12/2022 Nothing – it was perfect.
15/12/2022 Excellent as it is in my opinion
15/12/2022 Nothing
15/12/2022 Change nothing at all
15/12/2022 Can not change anything, all good
15/12/2022 The cupboard is a bit tight for elderly patients to have a blood test
16/12/2022 GP was not interested in someone seeing my 97 year old mother who in the last two days

has been quite unwell and limited mobility which is very unusual for her.

ie someone visiting her at home.Pretty shocking

16/12/2022 No everything spot on
16/12/2022 Difficult to change something which works well
16/12/2022 Nothing. My appointment was on time and my blood test and blood pressure were done with efficiency by a lovely nurse.
16/12/2022 It?s working well so no need to fix it ????
19/12/2022 None that I can think of
20/12/2022 Very good as it is
20/12/2022 I would not change anything.
20/12/2022 Nothing
20/12/2022 Having a blood test before speaking to the diabetic nurse.
20/12/2022 Nothing.
Receptionist was helpful and Dr Grana was wonderful as always.
21/12/2022 Nothing to improve
22/12/2022 N/A, everything was spot on, no hold ups, pleasant staff and friendly nurse

carrying out treatment.

22/12/2022 Very good
22/12/2022 My blood test was performed very efficiently and the phlebotomy even

called a nurse to look at a lump on my back I was concerned about.

23/12/2022 Vg service nothing to change , Happy Christmas xxx
23/12/2022 No
23/12/2022 Nothing was seen promptly  nurse was professional and friendly. Can’t fault anything
23/12/2022 None
29/12/2022 Amazing as always
29/12/2022 I?ve been very happy about the care and help I?ve been given over the past 3 months.
29/12/2022 Nothing
29/12/2022 Nothing, it was very professional and efficient. Thank you.
29/12/2022 I was unable to see the results on the NHS app late on Friday evening (30/12), so

I am unaware of the results which I was told would be available the following day.

29/12/2022 Nothing
30/12/2022 My experience today was  very good. I did have an appointment yesterday which

I thought was at 5:30 and then received a call from the surgery saying it was at 6:30.

When I arrived for my appointment I was told I was late and it was at 5:30


01/11/2022 Maybe get back to pre-pandemic status? I don’t know; guess you all do your best.
01/11/2022 I think it was just right. If fact I enjoy my visit to orchid house because it is a pleasant place to come and sort out health issues. Well done.
01/11/2022 Just wonderful. Lovely, helpful receptionist. First class treatment from Denise, my blood taken so professionally and successfully, too. Her kindness and lovely attitude made my visit today totally memorable. Thank you.
02/11/2022 Nothing
02/11/2022 All good thankyou
02/11/2022 Very impressed with the care I received
02/11/2022 To be able to see dotors in person not over phone
02/11/2022 Lovely staff very efficient thank you ?
02/11/2022 At present I can’t think of anything
03/11/2022 Wouldn?t change anything the staff are friendly and efficient.
03/11/2022 Arrived 3 minutes late so my appointment was cancelled!
This was just to have bloods taken.
If there was another person after my appointment they could have been seen and I could have gone after them.
Often we wait 15 minutes after our slot to be see
03/11/2022 Nothing
03/11/2022 It was all fine.
03/11/2022 More training as bloods was a disaster
03/11/2022 No changes needed
03/11/2022 Nothing all great
03/11/2022 Appointment management on the NHS app.
03/11/2022 Treatment and care was excellent
04/11/2022 Nothing great service as normal
04/11/2022 Nice to speak with a doctor occasionally
04/11/2022 It was first class, don?t change anything.
04/11/2022 Everything is perfect
04/11/2022 Nothing
07/11/2022 Very nice staff. Could do with a little music in the waiting room.
07/11/2022 Nothing, all good
08/11/2022 I’m sure you cannot .
08/11/2022 Cakes no improvement needed
09/11/2022 Nothing completely satisfied
09/11/2022 No change necessary
09/11/2022 Every thing was fine
09/11/2022 Nothing
09/11/2022 Really don?t think you can improve my experience very happy with everything
09/11/2022 No change, completely satisfied. Thankyou
10/11/2022 Better communication
10/11/2022 Nothing
10/11/2022 Taxi didn’t arrive to collect me until past appt time. Had to rearrange
10/11/2022 I have no completes whatsoever. However l would like to complement josie who take my blood tests for her  total care and attention
10/11/2022 To be able to get a doctors appointment quicker
10/11/2022 I think all of you who work there do a fantastic job having to deal with at times difficult patient?s.So I will just like to say Thanks to all of you.  Regards.
10/11/2022 Nothing. All the staff were friendly and very helpful.
10/11/2022 Just a routine blood test.  Carried out in a friendly and efficient way. No improvement needed.
10/11/2022 Nothing.  It was perfect!
10/11/2022 There?s is not a thing I would change. All the staff were friendly and helpful thank you
11/11/2022 Nothing, everything was fine.
11/11/2022 Nothing to change, excellent service.
11/11/2022 Better and easier accessibility to GP?s  as we had prior to Covid.
14/11/2022 Make people wear mask ?
14/11/2022 My appointment was quick and professional
15/11/2022 My treatment was very good.
But it would be nice to be able to have more face to face than just over the phone
15/11/2022 I cannot find anything
15/11/2022 You could not improve on this in any way. Went straight in saw Doctor who was efficient and very caring. Overall excellent care you not wish for better.very happy with everything.
15/11/2022 Nothing.  I don’t mind a short wait as someone else may need more time.
15/11/2022 Nothing it?s all good
15/11/2022 Excellent treatment no changes to be made
15/11/2022 Reply in a timely manner, answer the question, give a solution not a story , and property record patients concern
15/11/2022 N/A
16/11/2022 To be contacted by the surgery when I next need a blood test rather than me having to make the appointment myself.
16/11/2022 Information on results of blood tests would be helpful.
16/11/2022 To be able to request to see a doctor in the first instant rather than the present system of a telephone diagnosis.
16/11/2022 Telling what my cholesterol levels actually are would be useful
17/11/2022 Nothing. Service was excellent.
17/11/2022 Nothing needs to change.
17/11/2022 The lady on the phone when booking the app could have been nicer but I appreciate they are busy and probably get a lot of abuse but this isn?t from me and it always seems to be the same lady (older)
17/11/2022 You can’t change perfect
17/11/2022 Why not share information with hospital . I had blood tests and weight measurement 2 weeks ago at bmth hospital . I thought they would share results. With nhs under pressure it seems sensible to cut down on unnecessary tests
17/11/2022 I had a blood test requested by my doctor, I was in and out in no time. It would save time, money (car park) and appointment times if I could get the hospital blood tests done at my surgery where I can walk to so don’t use the car to get there.
18/11/2022 It was perfect
18/11/2022 Nothing needs doing
18/11/2022 Happy as is.
18/11/2022 Nothing
21/11/2022 All ok
21/11/2022 Excellent treatment and a very warm welcome. Thank you
21/11/2022 I can?t think of anything that needs improving.
21/11/2022 Nothing at all
22/11/2022 Can’t think of anything.
22/11/2022 nothing.
22/11/2022 None I am very pleased with my experience
23/11/2022 Nothing it was just perfect.
23/11/2022 Excellent service
23/11/2022 There is nothing I would change everybody was polite, kind and helpful, and I felt well looked after thank you to all the staff best wishes,
24/11/2022 We saw Dr Preethi Balachandran who could not have been more helpful. The doctor prescribed painkillers which has greatly helped my husbands ongoing pain problem, she also sorted out help for his mobility problems and we came out feeling more positive.
24/11/2022 Nothing
24/11/2022 More orchids on the waiting area
24/11/2022 There is nothing that I would change
24/11/2022 I was happy with the service as it was.
24/11/2022 The care and treatment is excellent  would,nt  change anything
24/11/2022 Nothing
24/11/2022 Music ?
24/11/2022 Nothing
24/11/2022 All depts to liaise on medical treatments
24/11/2022 Nothing
24/11/2022 Nothing, Denise was very thorough, professional and friendly in a perfect combination.
Thank you for the service.
25/11/2022 Nothing at all. Thank you for the excellent service recieved by the staff at Orchid House.
25/11/2022 I wouldn?t change anything. The service I received was excellent, both by the Doctor and the Receptionist.
25/11/2022 Nothing
25/11/2022 Keep reception clear so that patients can see the screen for signing in.
25/11/2022 I wouldn’t change anything. It was all excellent from my point of view
28/11/2022 Nothing, very happy with everything
28/11/2022 Nothing
28/11/2022 Easier access to the doctors. Too long waiting for someone to answer the phone.
28/11/2022 I was seen on time for a blood test, the nurse was
Friendly and efficient, all making for a good experience.
29/11/2022 Nothing! The lady was lovely, she took my bloods in record time and with no pain. Amazing!
Thank you it?s a great surgery!
29/11/2022 Nurse was great
BUT most patients NOT wearing masks
Please could we have a LARGE sign on the front door perhaps saying
MANY THANKS for all your hard work all of you
29/11/2022 Give nurses proper training for doing blood tests. I have never had such a bad experience and she even managed to collapse my vein.
29/11/2022 Nothing!
29/11/2022 Easier to get appts
30/11/2022 All good
30/11/2022 Very good as always.
30/11/2022 Nothing
30/11/2022 Nothing wrong! Very prompt and efficient!
30/11/2022 I don’t think there is anything to change. All good.
30/11/2022 First class service, went in before time so all good
30/11/2022 It would be nice to have more appointments available
30/11/2022 Nothing





OCTOBER – 2022



01/10/2022 Nothing. Quick and efficient
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 It?s was so organised. No sooner had we walked through the entrance and the flu jab was done.
Thank you.
01/10/2022 Perfect
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 A cup of coffee and a croissant would be nice!
No improvement needed in my view.
01/10/2022 Nothing, really well organised
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Sweetie after jab
01/10/2022 No need to change anything  10 out  10 for service
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 There is nothing more any of you could do to improve.
Reception was welcoming, the injection was the most painless I have experience in my entire 77years and we have had a few of those recently.   Well done Orchid House.
01/10/2022 You are perfect as you are
01/10/2022 Everything was fine.
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 No need to change a thing
01/10/2022 Nothing comes to mind
01/10/2022 Change nothing, excellent Surgery!
01/10/2022 Everything was perfect.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 No improvement went straight in today. Everybody very friendly.
01/10/2022 Nothing. It was fast and the staff were very nice ,pleasant,and jolly.
01/10/2022 Nothing necessary-pleasant and efficient.

Thank you.

01/10/2022 Your messages don?t have an easy way to reply and leave the recipient unsure if a reply is necessary
01/10/2022 I got confused trying to exit correctly
01/10/2022 Excellent service today so no improvements needed
01/10/2022 Norhing
01/10/2022 No, it was very well run.
01/10/2022 No comment; flu injection was administered in usual extremely efficient manner. Experience was excellent but unfortunately only able to rate it ?very good?.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Cup of tea and biscuits would be nice
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 It was fine
01/10/2022 Nothing to change.
01/10/2022 No changes
01/10/2022 I was happy with how it was.
01/10/2022 having the flu jab today was very efficient, well run quick and easy? well done orchid house docs, one of the best surgeries I have been with
01/10/2022 No changes necessary.
01/10/2022 All good
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 All in all very good. Everyone was so helpful. Thank you.
01/10/2022 I find the friendliness and seevice in our surgery to be excellent
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing.
01/10/2022  Efficient & easy with open to Nurses & Doctors in timely fashion when the patient needs to be seen.
01/10/2022 Nothing on this occasion
01/10/2022 No. I gave a 1 – what more do you want?  I have a sick husband and am too tired to answer .
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Please don?t change anything the quality of service and attention is excellent.
01/10/2022 All was fine, polite and very efficient. Many thanks.
01/10/2022 No change required
01/10/2022 All excellent
01/10/2022 It could not have been better. So well organised. Thank you.
01/10/2022 Nothing a first class service
01/10/2022 It was very good but better car parking for disabled patients on days like this
01/10/2022 I would like to commend how efficient and organised the whole experience of having the flu jab was. From booking, reminding us by text and the quick and efficient way we were dealt with. It couldn?t have been done better. We?ll done!
01/10/2022 Nothing, it was perfect. It was very slick and professional. If it ain?t broke, don?t fix it!!
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 More face to face appointment s.     Thanks for all you do.
01/10/2022 No change, all was ok thank you.
01/10/2022 It would be nice to get back to face to face appointments
01/10/2022 Very well organized so met my criteria.
01/10/2022 N a
01/10/2022 Great experience I don?t think you could better it thanks.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing. It was all first class. Thank you.
01/10/2022 No, it was perfect
01/10/2022 Nothing it was brilliantly organised
01/10/2022 Can?t think of anything!
01/10/2022 Nothing to change
01/10/2022 All good thanks
01/10/2022 A nice cup of tea and a biscuit would have gone down really well
Only joking
More than satisfied with the experience
01/10/2022 Not possible. Went like clockwork
01/10/2022 Fine as it was.
01/10/2022 As for my husband no
01/10/2022 Nothing- excellent as usual.
01/10/2022 Nothing.
It was smooth, efficient, quick, painless, friendly.
Almost a pleasure!
01/10/2022 None that effects us
01/10/2022 Nothing worked brilliantly
01/10/2022 Easier access to appointment system!
01/10/2022 Getting Dr appointments to see in person
01/10/2022 Nothing.
01/10/2022 Very efficient
01/10/2022 Be able to see a Dr without having to speak to one first, also be able to book are own appointments.
01/10/2022 There is nothing I would change at all everyone was very polite and helpful you even provided masks which I was very grateful as I Forgot all about it it took on all in all about two minutes can?t complain about that excellent care
01/10/2022 All excellent and friendly
01/10/2022 All very good
01/10/2022 Change nothing
01/10/2022 Thanks. No change, keep it up.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 None needed
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 None whatsoever.
Like a military operation.
Very well done.
01/10/2022 Nothing in this occasion
01/10/2022 Nothing. The route was short and service efficient
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing. It was so well organised, I can?t think of anything to improve the experience.
01/10/2022 I wouldn’t change anything.   It was a good efficient service and everyone was very nice
Thank you.
01/10/2022 Nothing today.all good
01/10/2022 Please no change. Just perfect
01/10/2022 The staff always very friendly
01/10/2022 Please no changes just perfect
01/10/2022 Always excellent
01/10/2022 Went very quickly as soon as we were in we were out very quickly  very pleased
01/10/2022 Couldn’t  straight in and out good
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Always polite, kind and helpful.
01/10/2022 Always kind and helpful.Thankyou.
01/10/2022 First Class !!   Thank you.
01/10/2022 N/A
01/10/2022 To get ride of masks so you understand what is being said to you and you don?t feel a fool when you have keep asking for a question to be repeated
01/10/2022 It was very good.
01/10/2022 Nothing the care and treatment is appropriate
01/10/2022 N/A
01/10/2022 Excellent – nothing to recommend for improvement
01/10/2022 Cannot not think of anything – all panned out really well.
Minimal queueing, no fuss no complaints x
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing.  As usual a very well organised flawless vaccination programme.
01/10/2022 Nothing specific
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 No change
01/10/2022 Would not change anything.
01/10/2022 As usual the whole procedure went very well. Thanks to all the staff involved.????
01/10/2022 Excellent organisation – could not be bettered. Thank you!
01/10/2022 Nothing to change
01/10/2022  Think your service was very good thank you very much .
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 No, perfectly happy
01/10/2022 No change needed
01/10/2022 Very well organised thank you
01/10/2022 All ok so no change
01/10/2022 Not really it was just the flu injection
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 I was most impressed with the way the annual flu injections was run no queuing this year   Thank you to all the staff
01/10/2022 No need to change the system in place for vaccinations this morning. It was excellent.
01/10/2022 Flue jab comments only, excellently managed.
01/10/2022 Nothing to improve
01/10/2022 Everyone is very polite and helpful but sometimes making an appointment can be a little difficult. This is in no way a criticism of the surgery staff, it is just the way that the N,H.S. Is overstretched at the moment.
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 No suggestions because experience was first class.
01/10/2022 No need to change very efficient and well organised flu vaccination clinic thank you
01/10/2022 Nothing at all … very professional..caring service ..Excellent .Thank you
01/10/2022 All seemed to go very smoothly, no need to change anything
01/10/2022 Nothing flu clinic well run
01/10/2022 I can?t think of anything you could change
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing to change, very satisfactory.
01/10/2022 Good for purpose! Would be nice to get back to face to face as normal!
01/10/2022 There?s nothing I would change. The staff and system in place was superb thank you
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nil
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Couldn?t be improved
01/10/2022 None required.
01/10/2022 Everything was perfect today. In and out. Very good
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing to change.
We appreciated being identified as having mobility issues & asked to join the shortest queue & shortest exit. Thank you.
01/10/2022 Mine and my husband?s experience was excellent! Friendly helpful staff. Very quick and very professional!
Thank you !
01/10/2022 Very good & efficient service
01/10/2022 Nothing , ran like clockwork for our Flu Jabs, very well organised. Well done Orchid House Surgery.
01/10/2022 Try not to make it a conveyer belt experience others than that great surgery.
01/10/2022 All is fine thankyou
01/10/2022 All fine thank you
01/10/2022 No change needed as far as I was concerned
01/10/2022 They do what they need to do well.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 Nothing everything was excellent. Thank you!
01/10/2022 Quick and efficient management of lots of people.  Staff friendly whilst working with speed to deal with lots of people.  Still had time to listen to and answer queries.
01/10/2022 I can’t fault anything
01/10/2022 No change needed. Very good.
01/10/2022 More face to face available appointments, rather than telephone consultations.
01/10/2022 I didn’t really want to wear a mask
01/10/2022 Quick smooth service.  Though I have had a hard swollen itching red lump around
7 cm diameter where the flu jab was injected. Hopefully it will  go soon….
01/10/2022 I would not change anything, the procedure went very smoothly.
01/10/2022 No change
01/10/2022 Nothing needs changing, the organisation of the arrangements were as good as usual.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 No change needed.
01/10/2022 All ok
01/10/2022 Nothing first class good friendly ? service thanks for what a do
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 To make it easier to spend more face to face time with my doctor
01/10/2022 I am satisfied with all the appointments and service I have received.
01/10/2022 My experience was excellent.
01/10/2022 Cannot change perfection. Excellent efficient service.
01/10/2022 I cannot think of anything at this time. Service very good. Thank you.
01/10/2022 More Doctors.
01/10/2022 Would prefer to see doctor face to face
01/10/2022 Quicker Appointments
01/10/2022 I can’t  think of anything that I would want to change.
01/10/2022 None
01/10/2022 To see a Doctor face to face.
01/10/2022 Wouldn’t change anything!
01/10/2022 No need to change anything
Was treated with friendly response and care.
01/10/2022 Nothing
01/10/2022 No changes
01/10/2022 One of the best things that the Surgery could do, is making Telephone Appointment to a set time. So that you have an idea when the Doctor is about to Phone you. Then you would not be caught-up, in middle of other matters.
01/10/2022 Nothing ~ it was perfect.  I artived early but was in and out in 2 minutes.  Everyone was very helpful and friendly.  Thank you for all you do.
01/10/2022 very well organised, no change
01/10/2022 Can?t think of anything
Good advice and very efficient service given
01/10/2022 Nothing, my experience was excellent
01/10/2022 Very good and helpful with the problem I had the receptionist was attentive and caring.
04/10/2022 Not waiting so long for an appointment
05/10/2022 Nothing , all good ?
05/10/2022 Go back to the old booking system
06/10/2022 Nothing
06/10/2022 I?d like to be able to access my notes online. I think it can be done through an app so I will phone the surgery to enquire.
06/10/2022 Nothing
06/10/2022 Can’t see anything that needs to be changed. I was in and out very quickly and the service provided was brilliant.
06/10/2022 Nothing.
07/10/2022 Nothing
10/10/2022 Can’t think of anything
10/10/2022 Nothing every thing was great
11/10/2022 Nothing thankyou
13/10/2022 I have always been very satisfied with the care and treatment given to me.
14/10/2022 No changes
Very professional & on time
14/10/2022 Best surgery I?ve ever been to, I wouldn?t change anything it?s nice to see and talk to people who care
14/10/2022 Fix the self-check in screen so that we don’t have to queue up to say  we’re there for our appointment ?
17/10/2022 Nothing needs changing. It is perfect
19/10/2022 More face to face appointments with the doctor
20/10/2022 All good no change needed
20/10/2022 I wouldn?t change anything
20/10/2022 Nothing to change currently, everything works just fine thank you!
20/10/2022 Masks at the main entrance,as I forgot mine.I was given one once I’d walked through to the nurse though.
20/10/2022 I was 7 minutes late for my appointment due to traffic delays in the locality and was told it would have to be rearranged. There is a new policy if you are 5 minutes late the nurses can automatically cancel your appointment. This is wholly inflexible
20/10/2022 I wouldn?t change anything. Josie did my blood test for me and she was lovely.
20/10/2022 No change needed
21/10/2022 Weekend Service and easier phone in.
21/10/2022 Everything was fine. Josie as always very efficient.
24/10/2022 Very good experience
24/10/2022 Fed up with masks.
26/10/2022 I hope I will get a follow answer. Even if everything is ok. To leave without knowing the result makes uncertainty worrying so just a quick text or call would be good.
26/10/2022 None
26/10/2022 Nothing all good at orchid house surgery
26/10/2022 Nothing x
26/10/2022 In my opinion no changes are
27/10/2022 None
27/10/2022 No changes as the nurses dealing with my rubbish veins and 3 lots of paperwork today, ( 27/10 @ 14.30) were brilliant and so kind as always 🙂
27/10/2022 Everything was fine. We’ll done
27/10/2022 Not really possible
, but while appreciating the huge backlog , shorter waiting times could benefit not only patients but staff.
31/10/2022 None
31/10/2022 All good
31/10/2022 Since lockdown you?ve stopped on line appointments. It?s ridiculous. I spent  35 minute getting messages about my queue number before speaking to anybody  I?m sorry but why continue to stop them. It?s my only complaint but I don?t understand this.









Very pleasant lady
called  Josie . Very efficient too.




At the moment, don?t change anything. I?ve only ever received excellent treatment.Many thanks to you all.




My appointment was for 10.50, I was seen at 10.50. A very pleasant nurse who was successful getting blood, ( normally a problem). I was impressed.




Nurse was friendly and efficient. Very kind.
There is nothing more she could have done to improve treatment.





Nothing all was great.




The experience could not be improved upon.from the receptionist who took my call in the morning to the nurse who dealt with me in the afternoon both were so helpful and approachable . Thank you.




I don?t think you could do any more, the treatment I received was excellent.




No , everting was good




Nothing to change everything good made appointment had a reminder sent day before was seen on time.
Thank you





Nothing  to improve  very satisfied




Don’t change a thing!




My treatment so far has been excellent




I wouldn’t change anything.  Staff from reception, secretaries to nurses and doctors absolutely superb. An inspiration.




Have absolutely no complaints  always had very positive experiences.




All excellent as usual




It was all as planned




Generally happy with surgery so have no issues to report.




Our treatment as always is first class







AUGUST – 2022





All went well as far as I?m concerned, so no need to change anything.




Nothing at all. Staff and Drs were brilliant.




I really can?t think of anything after the the treatment I have been
given so far and the appointment arrangements for next week.

I think that this ?appointment arrangements in advance? may help.




Everything ran very smoothly… much appreciated ?




I was seen on time, the nurse was polite and professional, from my experience, no changes needed.




Nothing – all excellent




No need to change anything very happy with all .




Nothing. It was up to your very high standard.

Thank you.




Nothing about today’s visit. Went in quickly. Very nice nurse took my blood test. No bruising.




Everything was perfect, the nurse was very kind and caring x




The nurse was excellent.  She was friendly and the blood test was painless ?




My appt was on time – The nurse was very reassuring and efficient! No changes needed!




Amazing service as always wish we could go back to a finger prick test for inr results but staff are fantastic- especially Josie




Nothing. Was seen on time and all staff are very professional and nice. What more could you want?!





On time and exceptional service given by nurse. Thank you.




Can’t think of anything to improve my experience.
Very quick, treated by very nice nurses.
All sorted ?





Not to have to wait so long.




No need to change any tbing




JULY – 2022




All good




I?m happy with how it is, Denise made me very relaxed before having my blood test thank you




No .any thing is perfect..excellent..




Excellent care always




I would change nothing as your service is always first class and has been for the 25 years I have been a patient





I can?t think of anything that I can improve my experience . All staff were great.




Well served, considering constraints & pressures




Nothing needs to change as far as I am concerned.




There isn?t anything. I go in on time and the nurse was very polite and professional. You cannot do better than that.




I was very happy to be seen so quickly and efficiently for what I went for. Thank you for the work you all do in these times of stress.




I can’t think of any improvements . All very good with nurse , very polite.




Happy with everthing 2day. Tina the receptionist is so kind & helpful & Josie who does my bloods very efficient. Thank you.




Return to old repeat prescription format on computer




Nothing needs to be changed. Everything went smoothly and efficiently.




The staff were exemplary




Nothing was there for a blood test.
Orchid House staff always found to be friendly and efficient,
Thank you


Nothing at all.
The service I had was perfect
Thank you


It was just a blood test, all v efficient & phlebotomist was v pleasant. On a practical note, clearer signage for new patients about where to wait might be good –  turned out I was in the wrong waiting area  & the nurse had to come and find me!



JUNE – 2022

01/06/2022 All OKas far as I?m concerned
01/06/2022 Prompt careful and efficient service
06/06/2022 Everyone was very helpful and I?m so grateful.
06/06/2022 Experience was A1 and nurse (Josie) who carried out blood test was very friendly and proficient.
06/06/2022 There is no need to lmprove your treatment as it  is more than satisfactory
07/06/2022 Can’t think of anything else that could be done. Whole experience was simple and straightforward.
08/06/2022 I would change nothing the service you all provide is excellent
08/06/2022 Nothing to improve on
10/06/2022 No need to improve very happy thanks
10/06/2022 Who are you?
13/06/2022 Would prefer old system for appointments. Very happy with treatment you receive
14/06/2022 Nothing everything is very good
14/06/2022 Really everything went 100%Could not ask for better
15/06/2022 None it was good
17/06/2022 No, ran smoothly and very  informative and  helpful
17/06/2022 Nope it was very good and a great nurse with a big friendly smile!
22/06/2022 Under the circumstances still going on, think they are coping well.
23/06/2022 very satisfied with nurses both Josie & Denise always very pleasant

MAY – 2022

03/05/2022 Nothing at all.
05/05/2022 No change needed
10/05/2022 I was very happy with the kindness, gentleness I had today with the sister that dealt with my stitches in my knee.
12/05/2022 Appointment went very well. So no improvement needed
13/05/2022 Face to face talk when results are in.
13/05/2022 Please Make sure the sign in machine is working because that would help patients and the staff
13/05/2022 Nothing to improve, everyone is very helpful


16/05/2022 Nothing to change excellent service
17/05/2022 Nothing.  I just had to wait past my appointment time, but I guess that’s bound to happen at times.
19/05/2022 Later appointments for blood tests so carer doesn?t have to take time off work.
24/05/2022 Just never 100% sure where to sit
25/05/2022 My experience today was very good, the staff were polite, helpful, and friendly you couldn’t ask for more from the staff you don’t need to change anything at all at this surgery. thanks
26/05/2022 Nothing to change, always helpful nurse, Denise, and very lovely lady on reception
26/05/2022 Everything was very good. It always is
26/05/2022 Less waiting times
30/05/2022 Actually, nothing!

Josie and the Receptionist – my apologies for not recalling her name – were excellent and friendly; the procedure was done very efficiently and considerately, and everything was excellent, as usual.  Thank you

30/05/2022 You could think about updating BP machine & capture readings electronically
31/05/2022 Fast, friendly and super sufficient. Lovely staff.



APRIL – 2022




Really friendly staff, wouldn’t change anything




Trying to keep to the appointment time, but i know this is very difficult.
I’m sorry that I took up more time than I should have today


I wouldn’t change anything the nurses have been spectacular especially jess.




Please ask receptionist to look at patient when speaking to them as not all disabilities are visible, I have a hearing problem and if someone looks down while they are speaking to me I have difficulty in deciphering what info they are giving me.




Change nothing as the help and friendly staff were excellent.




I certainly don’t have a problem with the overall experience, and I am very satisfied with the attention from the doctor and nurse I saw.




I am happy with all the treatment I get from, receptionists, nurses and all the doctors so I don’t think I would change anything




I haven’t got a good reason to change anything. I understand the difficulties doctors have at this time with Covid very definitely with us still. I have always been looked after really well. Doctors, nurses and reception staff are first class. Thanks.




I would not change a thing the appointment and service were excellent. The nurse was efficient, friendly, extremely helpful and explained everything clearly.




The surgery is excellent and could not suggest anything. Very friendly reception staff, nurses and doctors. I feel very fortunate to have such a brilliant practice. I really appreciate the hard work that you all have to do to give such a service.




Less time on recorded messages before speaking to someone.




I can’t think of anything, we are new to your practice & are very happy with the service we have received.




Nothing regarding the appointment itself apart from the waiting time before there was availability for it. However I understand how stretched the service is?




Had blood test. Josie as always was on time & I had my blood test done quickly & efficiently. Thank you for an excellent visit.




2 visits this week GP and blood test. Both excellent, on time and both clinicians with good people skills, reception helpful and pleasant




No change needed




My care has been very good. I have no negative feedback




Just slightly more privacy at the reception area so general public would not be able to overhear personal conversations.



MARCH – 2022




Todays treatment was excellent. Thanks for enquiring.




I saw Kirsty and she was so kind, gentle and patient.




I think of any other way the service could be improved




Tea and biscuits would be nice! No, everything was nice and friendly




Nothing, it was on time and very friendly staff




Nothing at all excellent nurse xx




Nothing I was pleased your care




Nothing, the nurse was lovely and carried out my smear test very gently




Had Josie for blood test. She’s Always happy, cheerful and polite.




Excellent as usual




It was good, no need to change anything.




Nurse was very friendly and efficient. Appointment was on time and very quick and easy.




Everything was OK l was seen on time, nurse was very nice so no complaints. Thank you




I was very happy with my treatment and appointment with Tracey, Practise Nurse




Everything was so good
I was treated with respect and care
From Dr Grana nurses & reception Also happy retirement to Dr Davenport
Thank you all


Brilliant, just the que at reception when people don’t have an appointment




Kirsty asked how my general health was very pleasant and wished me a happy birthday for Friday.




The care I received was excellent, the nursing staff are doing a Wonderful job.
It would be more beneficial and efficient to have computerised requests and itemisation rather than have to rely on the nurses to interpret doctors handwriting.


FEBUARY – 2022




Satisfactory so don’t change anything




To make sure that my prescription for methertraxate is issued when I put my repeat prescription in as countless times over the years I have had to chase it up.




Not sure it could have been improved.




All excellent




Nothing, I cannot fault anyone at the practice. Very grateful its are Dr’s.




The nurse was very helpful when my pushchair wouldn’t fit through the door. She was also very friendly while taking my blood.




Nothing, very supportive and professional.




Not been with this surgery for long but my experience so far has been very good.  No complaints.




You already improved




The nurse tried 3 timed to find my cervix and it was painful.




The surgery is excellent and all is well.




Fine as it was




Quick efficient and very friendly




Nothing ..all very professional friendly service




Nothing it was excellent as usual




I wouldn’t change anything




No improvement needed ??




No change Really pleased with the treatment room staff.




Quick response to blood results




All good.  Much improved customer service !!!



JANUARY – 2022


07/01/2022 Extremely likely Never had any problems, happy with everything
10/01/2022 Extremely likely More info about why I have to have a bloodtest would be nice…
10/01/2022 Extremely likely I?m happy with all the care and treatment I receive. This care be with the receptionist, the treatment with the nurses and with the doctors. Thank you all so much
10/01/2022 Extremely likely The only thing would be more feedback of results – not just ?no news is good news?
But don?t want to fault find in these difficult times.
10/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing. Excellent as always.
10/01/2022 Extremely likely Josie took bloods . . she?s always very friendly and I was seen on time, thank you!
10/01/2022 Extremely likely The situation now makes it impossible to to be on time with appointments. Otherwise excellent! Thank you!
11/01/2022 Extremely likely Staff lovely – made me feel very comfortable – first appointment.
10/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing it was great
13/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing needs to change
13/01/2022 Extremely likely It was all very good
13/01/2022 Extremely likely I can?t think of anything!
13/01/2022 Likely Nothing
13/01/2022 Extremely likely N/a
13/01/2022 Extremely likely I would not change anything, service is perfect as it is.
13/01/2022 Extremely likely I wouldn’t change anything.
13/01/2022 Extremely likely Not having to wait as long for an appointment, having said that, assuming my  need was not urgent, then a 7 day wait was OK.
14/01/2022 Extremely likely The Pandemic  has caused a lot of problems, but I know my surgery and staff are very helpful, so I am more than satisfied.
14/01/2022 Extremely likely All good thank you
14/01/2022 Extremely likely Make non attendees pay a fine so that others who appreciate the service you offer have more slots available
18/01/2022 Extremely likely No real complaints at all very happy.
20/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing to suggest
20/01/2022 Extremely likely The treatment was excellent
20/01/2022 Extremely likely Today was fine. Appointment ahead of schedule
20/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing to change.
20/01/2022 Extremely likely I wouldn’t change anything. The current set up seems to work very well
21/01/2022 Extremely likely Happy the way it is
21/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing
21/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing to change. Blood test done by Josie. On time as always & efficiently done as always.
14/01/2022 Extremely likely I have always found the care given to me has been very good.
26/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing, it was perfect
27/01/2022 Extremely likely No improvement necessary
27/01/2022 Likely Disappointed that info given to reception on Monday had not been passed to the administering nurse who nevertheless less sought info from internet and dealt with the matter most efficiently
27/01/2022 Extremely likely No change necessary.
31/01/2022 Extremely likely Everything  was good  thanks
31/01/2022 Extremely likely Nothing much. Less of the message when you phone but everything was as it should be

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