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Friends and Family Reviews and Feedback 2024

JUNE – 2024



03/06/2024 Nothing. Nice and friendly.
03/06/2024 Nothing would I change as the staff are all so good at their jobs and it?s a pleasure coming in for appointments. Nurses are so professional and friendly.
03/06/2024 Nothing – it was great thanks
03/06/2024 It was very efficient, nurses well done.
04/06/2024 No change needed
04/06/2024 Nothing. It was excellent as usual.
04/06/2024 Nothing
05/06/2024 All good
06/06/2024 So far I’ve had no issues with care or treatments given. So far this is the best Doctors practice I’ve been too and have passed on to friends and family in the area to join your practice. Doctors and nurses have always been friendly.
06/06/2024 I found everything very satisfactory.
06/06/2024 Nothing, everything was excellent as usual.
06/06/2024 Nothing my nurse was lovely
06/06/2024 Nothing, as always staff and nurses were excellent.
06/06/2024 Book my nurse for my next regular appointment without the need to phone up to do it
Would save time for us both and relieve pressure on your receptionists
07/06/2024 Nothing to improve on this visit. No waiting, friendly, efficient nurse.
07/06/2024 Everything was very good
07/06/2024 Higher chairs in the waiting room
07/06/2024 Everything went smoothly thank you
07/06/2024 Nothing, all very good and efficient
07/06/2024 100% excellent service all round.
10/06/2024 Very good
11/06/2024 For the umpteenth time. Reinstate on line appointments for nurse and INR appointments. You?re wasting both my time and your resources. O don?t need minutes of stuff about Livy etc. Waist of time.
11/06/2024 Everything was fine
11/06/2024 Nothing as all fine thanks.
11/06/2024 All fine checking very easy and appointment on time. Josie my practice nurse most helpful and very efficient thank you.
11/06/2024 Good experience. No problems regarding my care at this appointment
11/06/2024 It would be good if routine nurse appointments could be followed up with the duty dr after an investigated tests like ECG, blood pressure tests with unexpected results, etc resulting in potential earlier medication, change of life style or action.
11/06/2024 Perfectly satisfied with experience
13/06/2024 Treatment was excellent, so no suggestions!
13/06/2024 Nothing actually!
13/06/2024 Nothing at all.
13/06/2024 Can not fault you
13/06/2024 Nothing
13/06/2024 No very happy
13/06/2024 Nothing
13/06/2024 Nothing to change, I was very happy with my appointment.
14/06/2024 Nothing to add.
14/06/2024 Treatment was excellent and quick.
14/06/2024 Nothing really
My first visit to the surgery following recent new registration.
I was very pleased the nurse was very thorough and professional.
14/06/2024 Nothing. Josie was brilliant! I was seen on time and blood taken expertly as I have small deep veins that are often problematic for most practitioners. Well done Josie.
17/06/2024 Sam was faultless!
17/06/2024 Nothing
18/06/2024 Nothing would be changed
18/06/2024 Nothing
18/06/2024 No problems experienced, no change required.
18/06/2024 No need
18/06/2024 Today was on time but sometimes not
18/06/2024 Possibly a makeover of waiting area to refresh.
18/06/2024 Every thing fine.
18/06/2024 At this moment great thanks
18/06/2024  No real concerns, more of the same please
18/06/2024 Nothing as it’s good already.
19/06/2024  N/a
19/06/2024 Very professional service and my visit was very pleasurable and stress free . Thank you
19/06/2024 Printout of blood results. Although, probably given if asked for.
19/06/2024 Couldn?t be better.
19/06/2024 Nothing I can think of.
19/06/2024 Nothing
19/06/2024 Excellent all round. Thank you.
19/06/2024 Nothing – your service was excellent – thank you.
20/06/2024 good
20/06/2024 Nothing
20/06/2024 No change needed
20/06/2024 Nothing
20/06/2024 A less painful blood test
20/06/2024 No need to change anything excellent service
21/06/2024 Nothing about today?s appointment thank you
21/06/2024 Nothing to improve
21/06/2024 There isn?t anything to change, everyone is very helpful and polite
21/06/2024 Nothing it was excellent.
21/06/2024 No need for changes.
21/06/2024 Nothing every was fine , they always try to get you in to see someone
24/06/2024 Nothing
24/06/2024 All good as is, thank you
25/06/2024 I would change the wording of the letter which Orchid House send out to give you an appointment . Sometimes you cannot avoid being late if only by a couple of minutes so I feel the tone of the letter is quite harsh
25/06/2024 Have more appointments available on the day you enquire to a doctor.
25/06/2024 Nothing
25/06/2024 Nothing
25/06/2024 Nothing
25/06/2024 Nothing
25/06/2024 Everything with the appointment was good but just my view that I felt my review could have been done over the telephone.
25/06/2024 My experience was very good so nothing further to add but just to say the nurse was very efficient and kind.
25/06/2024 Water cooler
25/06/2024 Running slightly late but no real inconvenience
26/06/2024 Nothing – the nurse was very friendly and helpful.
26/06/2024 Larger room
27/06/2024 Please ensure that all blood tests for the over 70s and the vulnerable can be conducted at the surgery.   This does not apply to me as I have all my blood tests at the surgery.
27/06/2024 Nothing. It was on time and good.
27/06/2024 Can?t think of anything
27/06/2024 Sam was very personable and professional
27/06/2024 I did need to wait for my appointment, it?s always good if it runs on time
27/06/2024 Arrived five minutes early but appointment was twenty minutes late,
27/06/2024 Nothing
27/06/2024 It was perfect
28/06/2024 I need inr  blood tests quite often yet I am told  no appointments can  be made quite often  am .most concernEd
28/06/2024 Reduce the time taken to get an appointment
28/06/2024 Nothing to change, all fine
28/06/2024 It was all perfect
28/06/2024 Nothing
28/06/2024 Nothing.


MAY – 2024



07/05/2024 very happy with all we do here
07/05/2024 All ok.
07/05/2024 I can’t think of any better treatment.  Nurses are polite,  caring and very pleasant.
07/05/2024 Not a thing,excellent service.
07/05/2024 Based on recent experience nothing
07/05/2024 Make it easier to see a doctor.

08,30 telephone call system


07/05/2024 Put back on line appointments for blood tests and nurses

I say this every time but you still make us telephone.

07/05/2024 Nothing.
07/05/2024 Improve access to a doctor.
07/05/2024 My appointment  was for 11.10.Was not called in until 11.35.
07/05/2024 Nothing, Sam the nurse was lovely and very helpful
08/05/2024 All ok
08/05/2024 Improve waiting time for face to face appointment with own doctor.
08/05/2024 Nothing, the nurse was brilliant, very professional and caring
08/05/2024 Nothing! Your service is excellent.
08/05/2024 Wish it was easier to get doctors appointment
08/05/2024 Nothing, I have used the surgery a lot in the last 12 months and all my experiences have been very positive
08/05/2024 I saw a nurse. She was very friendly. She was attentive and gentle when dressing my wound.
08/05/2024 Very happy. Excellent care.
08/05/2024 Nothing-service as always was excellent
09/05/2024 Your sign on door says normal working hrs from 0800 you didn?t open doors until 08.30 know one said anything to me as all staff arrived for work as I finished a night shift so I was stood around luckily it wasn?t cold
09/05/2024 Nothing
09/05/2024 The care was brilliant, just wish there were more early or late appointments to fit around those that work.
09/05/2024 More appointments available
09/05/2024 Nothing … excellent, as it usually is … thanks.
09/05/2024 Wasn’t  sure which seating area to wait in.
10/05/2024 Just maintain your very high professional standards. The population of Dorset are very fortunate to have such a good service when compared to other areas of the country
10/05/2024 Waiting time around double what was noted on check in screen but just having the indication is helpful.

Friendly nursing staff – helps settle nerves.

10/05/2024 This appointment went well,and doctor I saw was very good.
10/05/2024 All great
10/05/2024 Nothing impecible service
10/05/2024 Nothing
10/05/2024 There was nothing that could be improved.  Very friendly and skilled treatment.  Thank you.
10/05/2024 Make sure the systemonline appointment time is the same as those sent by text
13/05/2024 Nothing it was a pleasant and professional experience
13/05/2024 All very good
13/05/2024 Completly satisfied
13/05/2024 Earlier or later available appointment times.
14/05/2024 No improvements required
14/05/2024 Nothing needs changing the nurse is extremely kind and pleasant and explained the results of my diabetic blood test very well.
14/05/2024 Not a thing
14/05/2024 Would like to store urine pompette at home, also complicated to use.
14/05/2024 As always ? purrfect?.?
14/05/2024 None thing
14/05/2024 It’s not a care thing,  but I can never self check-in. Not sure if its me or the system.
14/05/2024 None, service is excellent
14/05/2024 Nothing really good
15/05/2024 Nothing to change
16/05/2024 Have only been here a year and compared to experiencing other surgeries I think it is amazing. We can see or speak to a doctor the same day we ring and the fact we don’t have to hang around waiting for our turn but you ring us back. WOW!   Well done
16/05/2024 Nothing to say, excellent
16/05/2024 As always the service provided by Orchid House Surgery is fantastic.During my life I have lived in London, Sheffield, Dronfield in Derbyshire, North Yorkshire, Kent and now Ferndown. Orchid House Surgery is by far the best.
16/05/2024 Nothing
16/05/2024   Nothing
17/05/2024 Provide a fried egg sandwich and a cup of tea
17/05/2024 Nothing
17/05/2024 Nothing the nurse was friendly
17/05/2024 Nothing excellent nurse.
17/05/2024 Very impressed with the phlebotomist.  Always very pleasant , on time and very gentle when undertaking blood test.   Thank you
17/05/2024 See patients on time. My appointment today was at 08:40. Got seen at 08:55. Delay of 15 minutes but the surgery had only been open 10 minutes.
17/05/2024 Did not need any improvement.
21/05/2024 It was all good. Everyone was professional, friendly and answered my questions. I was particularly thankful and impressed that a request for advice was answered by Dr Grana taking the time to come through to the Nurses room.

Thank you all

21/05/2024 N/A
21/05/2024 Nothing
21/05/2024 Could have been done over the phone in a couple of minutes. Not what I expected. No response to my symptoms. Not of great value.
21/05/2024 No improvement necessary. I had a very informal and informative meeting.
21/05/2024 You don’t need to change anything
21/05/2024  Nothing springs to mind
21/05/2024 My appointment was awful, I had a smear and the nurse managed to rip out my contraceptive coil. She then spoke to the doctor who advised I speak to the family planning clinic. So I?ve had to go to the sexual health clinic for an emergency appointment
21/05/2024 I think just to be kept an eye on with Meds and an occasional welfare call!! I have been with Orchard house many years. Thank you.
21/05/2024 Nothing it was perfect
21/05/2024 Nothing in particular, thank you
21/05/2024 Nothing.

All drs and nurses are lovely

22/05/2024 It was exactly as I expected and would have been difficult to improve upon. Many thanks
22/05/2024 Nothing, a very pleasant and efficient surgery and staff.
22/05/2024 Nothing comes to mind.  Very happy with the experience.
22/05/2024 Everything was fine
22/05/2024 It couldn’t be better in any way. Thank You NHS.
22/05/2024 No
23/05/2024 Very good and everyone so helpful thank you for all your help and kindness
23/05/2024 It was perfect
23/05/2024 More Nurse and Doctor appointments available to have a face to face consultation with. These should be pre booked and not just for emergency
23/05/2024 Nothing. The nurse was efficient and friendly
23/05/2024 Nothing it was perfect
24/05/2024 Excellent care provided.
24/05/2024 All was satisfactory today
24/05/2024 Not much based on today?s experience.
24/05/2024 Excellent as usual, thanks to

JOSIE, brilliant.

24/05/2024 Being informed before an appointment of not needing/having a vaccination or medication.
28/05/2024 GP Availability
28/05/2024 Nothing, very professional and knowledgeable
28/05/2024 Ask for PSA blood test while there for diabetes blood test
28/05/2024 No changes required
28/05/2024 Nothing at all perfect visit
28/05/2024 Don’t need to change anything my opinion
29/05/2024 Some piped music might help other people being able to hear your ailments when discussing with the receptionist. It?s all a bit too quiet
29/05/2024 Nothing



APRIL – 2024


9.4.24 miss-informed by telephone yesterday that I could call at 8:30 this morning to book a face to face appointment for 6:30 this evening with Dr Every. They could not book last night as was not open to them yet, but when calling today they said there wasn’t an appointment free at that time and that they could book a call but couldn’t guarantee when that would be. it’s really unhelpful to have misleading and incorrect advice given to you. It’s not always possible or convenient to speak to the doctor during work hours and booking an appointment outside of 9-5 seems to depend on which receptionist we happen to speak to.
26.4.24 my son had an appointment booked for 15.55 on wes, we were 5 mins late due to traffic getting from work as my wife and I both work! The nurse refused to see him due to being 5 mins late, which meant more time off work, another appointment taken, this time by a Dr. Today we had an appointment with Dr at 16.15, it is now 16.30 and still not seen by Dr. Please review late process
26.4.24 we are indebted to all members of our wonderful Orchid House Surgery. We have nothing but praise for all doctors, nursing staff and receptionists who never let us down, thanks for everything
26.4.24 Always feel like I’m listened to and given help. All staff are very polite and helpful. Tracey (NP) is a lovely lady who always helps with any problem I have. Extremely thorough and understanding.
26.4.24 very prompt and efficient

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